E3 2016: Akiba’s Beat Heading West For PS4; Abandons Clothes-Stripping
Akiba's Beat
(Last Updated On: June 19, 2016)

One of the only memorable things about Acquire’s Akiba’s Trip: Undead and Undressed was the fact that the game seemed to combine elements of Yakuza, Persona and Senran Kagura together into one trippy beat-’em-up RPG. The game’s core mechanic centered around stripping vampires of their clothes in order to defeat them. Well, for the sequel the developers decided to remove the most controversial and equally unique feature from the sequel: the stripping.

XSeed Games, Marvelous Entertainment and Acquire showcased Akiba’s Beat during this year’s E3 in Los Angeles, California. They unveiled a fact sheet and a trailer to give gamers an idea of what to expect from the upcoming JRPG.

This time around players will have a party at their command fighting against digital delusions that are encompassing Japan. The delusions continue to grow stronger and players will have to fight them off as they attempt to discover where they’re coming from and why.

There’s a trailer available to give you an idea of what to expect from the gameplay and how things play out in the beat-’em-up RPG. Check it out below.

As you can see, the action is fast and furious and players will have a number of combo attacks and party commands at their disposal, enabling them to take down foes using plenty of tactical, reflexive skills and strategic battle placements.

Details on the game are still thin, but we do know that the game is heading West, presumably later this year for the PlayStatoin 4 and for the PlayStation Vita. According to Play-Asia the pre-orders are opening soon and they have a placeholder window for the fourth quarter of 2016.

Akiba's Beat

The commenters on the YouTube page are a little disappointed that the game no longer allows you to beat the stitching off your opponents like Apple beat the Confederate flag off the iTunes app store. The gimmick was completely ridiculous but it was also the one defining aspect of Akiba’s Trip that set it apart from all the other games on the market. Acquire is going a different route with the sequel, and it could be hit or miss depending on how well received it is.

XSeed will likely drop more info throughout the year, especially leading up to or during the Tokyo Game Show in Tokyo, Japan this September. In the meantime, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more info on Akiba’s Beat over on the official XSeed Games website.

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  • TT

    this is the hard part, while maybe they are just going with new thematics, and that’s of course a fair thing if it’s ultimately a choice they are comfortable making, but with this current climate, it’s getting really, REALLY difficult to tell if it’s the result of internal thinking or outside pressure.

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    Even if it got rid of the stripping, that was more for comedic effect than anything. I’m sure the game will still have plenty of fan service.

  • MusouTensei

    I don’t think this is an actual sequel and that an Akiba’s Trip 3 could happen someday.
    I mean this is a straight up JRPG with dungeons and round based combat, I think they chose Akiba because they already have the assets (and copyrights?).

    • C G Saturation

      Yeah. Different title, after all.

      But I’m concerned they could go bust because people wanted Akiba’s Trip 3 and they made a generic Persona wannabe instead.

      • MusouTensei

        Yeah I hope this decision doesn’t hurt them, personally JRPGs are my favorite genre regardless if they are lewd or not (just not actually censored for the west) so i will most probably get this one as well, Xseed is the localizer anyway.

  • C G Saturation

    Already a huge miss in so many ways for me. Pretty certain many Japanese people are also disappointed. It’s not only the aspect of stripping people that made the originals great, but the fact that you could just run amok in downtown Akibahara and do silly stuff in general. We need more silly games, not less.

    • Yeah, I would agree that this is most definitely a result of the modern, leftist society and culture influencing it, namely the Western/Europe PC feminist shit-fests.

      As for the removal of the stripping mechanic, definitely the result of the SJW/feminist whining in my opinion. Done to prevent backlash and avoid criticism of the game when it comes over to the West. In the same way they gave diapers to the female character in Star Ocean 5.

      It’s becoming a serious problem for sure now. Japanese developers self-censoring (no citation, but I base this on the previous games which had the stripping feature) because of the Anita Sarkeesian drones. Complete stifling and censoring of freedom of expression and creativity.

      Arguing against claims of “sexism in gaming” is also very difficult as well, because the people who cry “misogyny” operates on personal feelings rather than facts. That’s how the likes of Sarkeesian has been able to get away with spewing bullshit.

      The big question is whether it will ever revert back to the good times? Because so far, these regressive leftist SJWs are completely shitting on everything that people (especially men) enjoy. If Trump becomes president, would be the start of it?

      I live in the UK and it’s very bad over here as well.

      • C G Saturation

        Yeah, the UK, where a relevant female gets conveniently shot and killed JUST before a vote that assholes in power don’t want to happen, and the attacker gets intentionally misreported as being supportive of that “undesirable” vote.

        Not suspicious at all, nope.

        Meanwhile, people around the world still think Trump is a super racist who wants to segregate everybody. Once again, thanks to the media making up bullshit.

        The interesting thing is to remember that none of this was possible in the past, because we didn’t have widespread methods of communication or media like the internet or television. It’s much easier to push bullshit narratives now.

        Point being, we are very much in uncharted territory now. People in power are abusing it like crazy. I can see everything collapsing as a result.

        • “Wish there was a place we could go where we wouldn’t have to deal with all the bullshit power struggles and egomaniacs.”

          I was going to say Japan, but it seems that not even they are safe anymore.

          • C G Saturation

            I’d say Japan is “relatively safe”, by comparison. But their government still seem to be assholes. Also not a fan of the constant earthquakes there.

            There’s also the looming tensions with China and North Korea. I keep hearing that their cops are totally useless, too. But I guess that’s better than having them break into your house and kill your dog and children.

  • scemar

    hoping they had a reason related to the game for changing that
    maybe they grew bored of the feature now that it’s more common in other games or wanted to try something different

    I certainly hope it wasn’t something they did out of fear for the sjw threats

    and any clue if it will come out to PC too after the first got a port or if they’ve discussed that?

    • C G Saturation

      The impression I got is that they were always a small company, and I think they almost went bust at one point. They probably wanted to make something less risky, but the result looks like something people could just get from a better, more popular series.

      They should probably have stuck to filling in niches that nobody else is.

      • scemar

        If that were the case, what you describe, them seeking to improve business by reducing their perception of risk associated to the feature, due to the negative publicity they get.

        If that was the case, that’d be really really depressing.

        No to only because it implies censorship.

        But also because it’s a stupid business move to make.
        They’d give up a very eye catching and flashy feature that leads to a ton of word of mouth awareness of the game and makes it stand out, for the sake of slightly less negative and slightly less hateful press reception by sjw media.

        It’s not a smart trade in marketing terms.

        Being risque and flashy and getting a ton of bad press can often actually be a good business move in today’s age, being outrageous can make you stand out, being hated can make you look cool.

        I wish more companies from Japan realized that and learned to milk it better.