E3 2016: Batman Arkham VR Releases On PlayStation VR In October

Sony is trying to pull out as many big guns as they possibly can for their PlayStation VR’s launch in October. The $399 headset doesn’t have the best games line-up out there, but they’re trying to fish for blockbuster hits with titles like Batman: Arkham VR, a quick cash-in title for the PSVR from Rocksteady Studios.

The game is essentially a detective style game where players will attempt to fulfill the role of the Dark Knight’s lesser-utilized abilities in games: his deductive skills.

During E3 they discussed being able to survey areas for clues, relive certain scenes by checking out the environment for certain discrepancies, and essentially doing Batman detective stuff. A no-nothing trailer was released to give gamers absolutely no idea what they would be doing in the actual game. You can check out the trailer below.

In the press release they only mention that players will be able to experience Gotham City, the Wayne Manor and the Batcave as the prime locations that Batman will be able to visit. He’ll have a number of gadgets at his disposal and some plot points to unravel.

The information is extremely thin for the game, but I’m curious how much actual play-time gamers will be able to get out of this title?

The other issue is whether or not they’ll be able to squeeze 60 frames per second out of the PS4 running the PSVR with Batman: Arkham VR. Capcom had some serious issues with Resident Evil 7 maintaining 60fps, which resulted in various individuals play-testing the demo getting seriously sick because of that.

The Batman: Arkham games from Rocksteady have always maintained 30fps (with some drops) on the home consoles, so I’m curious how they’ll deal with the game having to double the frame-rate while attempting to maintain the fidelity that the series is known for?

Sony is playing it tight with the PS4 and their attempt to bring VR to the table. It’ll either be the next big thing or it’ll tank their momentum. We’ll find out when the PlayStation VR and a slew of games launch on October 13th. For more info on the Batman: Arkham VR game feel free to visit the official website.

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