E3 2016: Death Stranding Stars Norman Reedus; No Guillermo Del Toro

death Stranding

Kojima Productions announced their new game, unveiling some real-time assets during the Sony PlayStation E3 press conference to a wide applause from the audience. The game is called Death Stranding and it stars Norman Reedus.

The clip from the Sony stage show started with a bunch of dead crabs on the ground, scrolling through sands with impressions being made by some invisible creature. It pans up the naked body of a very lifelike Norman Reedus who appears to be attached to a baby that appears to no longer be breathing. You can check out the gameplay trailer below.

In a post-conference interview, Kojima revealed that it would take some time to get the game finished, but they haven’t quite settled on a final engine yet in regards to how the game will be played and what will power it.

However, Kojima did reveal that the name is in reference to something coming to a place and becoming stranded. In this particular case, some life force has come to Earth and has become stranded and there is a lot of death that follows.


They don’t reveal what the character’s name is in the game, but Reedus will be playing a specific character.

There’s a lot of questions left to be answered, but for the most part at least all the gaming press who have been complaining about white males can at least write about a naked white male that appeared during this year’s E3.


According to previous comments by Hideo Kojima, the game will be similar to The Division and Uncharted 4, and will be a third-person shooter. No release date, no release window and no release roadmap have been revealed, but they’ll likely arrive some time from now.

Another thing that Hideo Kojima revealed during the post-conference interview with Geoff Keighley is that they won’t be working with or collaborating with Guillermo Del Toro for Death Stranding; but maybe they’ll get to work together in the future on another project?

Thankfully, Norman Reedus is getting a chance to work with Hideo Kojima following Konami cancelling Silent Hills, so that’s one good thing to come out of all of this.