Fallout 4 Mods Add T-49 Armor, Far Harbor Performance Enhancer And More

More mods recently hit Nexusmods for Fallout 4, meaning that Xbox One players should see these mods already on console or should see them arrive soon in the near future. With that said, the first mod adds a special T-49 Power Suit, while the second mode cleans up performance issues with Far Harbor’s fog. The third adds fillable shelves and the fourth brings more customization to the machine gun.

The first mod comes in by modder Unoctium. You will be able to find the T-49 Power Armor scattered about in the beginning of the game, where the Frame will be located in the north-west of Vault 111, with two pieces in Red Rocket Station and the helmet near Sean’s crib.

“The T-49 Power Armor is an entirely new Power Armor for Fallout 4 that is independent and standalone. Take it from an early-game armor to a formidable mid-level Power Armor, or change it to suit the kind of Storyteller you are.”

fallout 4 mods 2

The armor also features a daytime solar feature that uses the sun to stop the battery/power core from draining too fast. Something worth noting, the head-lamp may not work correctly with other Power Armor sets that uses the Nodes 290-291. If this mod sounds interesting, you can get it by heading to Nexusmods.

Fallout-4-Far-Harbor-Art 1

Let’s face it, Far Harbor’s fog has some issues. If you are facing problems with your game stuttering or having performance issues even if your rig is beast enough to handle it, this can be summed up as bad optimization with the Far Harbor DLC. But, this can be fixed thanks to modder SparrowPrince. This mode negates all those performance problems by deducting nodes that emit algorithms by six and is reduced to two, as well as particle lifetimes for the fog. You can get this mod over on Nexusmods.

If you are the type that likes to fill up your settlement and make it (or them) look spacious and roomy, this mod by Dinozaurz has you covered. Allowing one to add a list of assets to a bookshelf that looks authentic and less empty, wastelanders will have the opportunity to customize their settlement a lot different from before.

fallout 4 mods 3

You can watch the snap nodes and pre-made clutter shelves in action by watching the video that Oxhorn posted, which also features other interesting modes too. You can get this mod by hitting up Nexusmods.

Modder YonaTaku has made a mod called Defense Variation. Remodeling some parts to make the machine gun rendered below look much different. It includes over 30 more unique parts from before and includes 19 receivers, 11 barrels, four rifles grips, four pistol grips, seven magazines, six scopes/sights and four muzzles.

fallout 4 mods 4

You will be able to get this gun by heading to a store or by looting enemies. Like all of the other Fallout 4 mods listed above, you will be able to get it by visiting Nexusmods.


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