Fallout 4 Ultra Quality God Rays, Removable Pipboy And Improved Water Mods Surface

Some new mods are now available for download that add even more immersion and content to Fallout 4. These mods add ultra high quality god rays with better performance optimization, the option to unequip the Pipboy, enhanced water effects with foam, splashing and actual particles that react to other objects, and interactive bins that hold items in settlements.  

The first mod by SloppyPoobag shines some god rays down on the wasteland, which eliminates the eyesore of pixelated digits around weapons and other things when looking at rays. Now folks will be able to play with ultra high god rays without the performance hit like before. You can get this mod over on Nexusmods, or you can check out the modder’s video below.

The next mod by 7StarC shows how to equip/unequipped your Pipboy from your arm. This is more of a visual or preference mod, but nontheless it is a helpful mod when rocking a cool outfit that doesn’t need the Pipboy. You can get this mod by visiting Nexusmods, or you can watch the video by Svenja Starcy (which is said to be crap), but you can watch it to see how the mod works.

The third mod is by MsRae, which adds storage units to hold all of your settlement gear obtained from the wasteland. This mod provides four complex containers and three bins of weapons. The mod is available to get by heading over to Nexusmods, which you can see an image of it below.

fallout 4 mods 6

The last mod is something I think Fallout 4 needed from the start (but that’s just me) better water effects. SparrowPrince’s mod adds foam textures, rain ripples, rain drops, waterfall meshes, splash effects and “effect” bug fixes. You can get this mod by going to Nexusmods.

fallout 4 mods 7

Fallout 4 is out now for Xbox One, PC and PS4. As of now mod support is available across PC and Xbox One, while PS4 support is noted by Bethesda to arrive sometime this Summer.


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