Fallout 4’s Contraption Workshop DLC Now Live For PC, Xbox One And PS4

Yet again, Fallout 4 receives some more shallow DLC under the moniker of “Contraption Workshop.” I’m sure there are some mods for PC and Xbox One that add far more than this DLC, but if you are hard up for some new content by Bethesda you will now have some new stuff to toy around with.

For those who can recall Bethesda’s run during last week’s E3 2016 conference you’ll remember the devs mentioning that three new DLCs will launch for the post-apocalyptic RPG. One of the DLCs is the Contraption Workshop that launched yesterday on the 21st, and is now available to download.

In my opinion, wastelanders do better downloading some mods to receive the same outcome, however that’s not the case for PS4 players yet. But, for those who are hard up and want to download the DLC, folks will gain access to conveyor belts, scaffolding kits, track kits, and logic gates to improve their settlements. The DLC also allows for moving and interactive parts like elevators, greenhouse kits, warehouse kits, fireworks, armor racks and some other stuff.

If you don’t want to waste time downloading the DLC, or you are seeking for more information on Contraption Workshop, a video by Father — who has no commentary over the video — demonstrates some of the DLC’s content and runs for 13 minutes.

Those who want to get the DLC now will be able to download it for PC, Xbox One and PS4. For more information on the DLC, the official bethesda.net has everything one needs to know about the downloadable content, if you are interested.

Fallout 4 is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, as well as its other three DLCs. In addition, mod support is also live and is currently available on PC and Xbox One. PS4 mod support is slated to drop sometime this July.