FeArea Features Four player local play with Online Multiplayer On Steam Greenlight

The age of split-screen multiplayer games has seemingly come to an end in the world of console gaming; finding games where you can have four friends on the couch play alongside you offline is a rare treat. But from what it sounds like from the description and trailer, FeArea allows four players on one local machine to all play together, and then go online to compete in multiplayer against the world.

MUV Games are the developers behind FeArea, creating a massive online battle arena (MOBA) style game that features a variety of heavy mechs, teamwork, and a few game modes for players to compete in to keep the game fun and entertaining. FeArea will allow you to choose from three different types of war machines: Tanks, robots, and combat vehicles. From there, each type has four additional styles ranging from fast and light scout machines, medium balanced machines, the heavy hitters to create a mobile fortress, and then your support and artillery machines.

The mechs can then be further customized to your liking to choose different colors, weapons and upgrades. The developers released the below video trailer that shows a bit of how the customization works in game.

After you choose your machine and loadout, you can then team up with your buddies to battle the world online. The developers say that the four player local play works by having everyone share the same screen to allow you a clear view of the battlefield.

Game modes consists of classic capture the flag, a domination style Control Point mode, as well as a death-match “Kill All” game mode to add a bit of variety. Graphically, FeArea looks quite nice, having a zoomed out camera so that you can see all the action going on around you, but you can see all the detail and quality of the environment and mechs when the camera zooms in close to the battles. Take a look at the FeArea gameplay trailer down below to see it all in action.

FeArea will be free to play, so for now we will wait and see how they set it up. The developers have said on their Steam greenlight page that they are avoiding Pay To Win services in the below quote, so we will see how it turns out.
Fearea 2

“Pay-to-win is not acceptable for us .
This is our first game and we decided to make it free .
Technical support and further development will be carried out at the expense of non-intrusive system of in-game purchases that do not affect gameplay performance.”

FeArea is currently looking for votes and approval from the Steam Greenlight community, so if you are interested you can follow the provided links to lend your support. Additionally, you can also check out the FeArea official website for further details and information about the game.