Green Arrow Rebirth Has The Hero Come Out As A Social Justice Warrior
(Last Updated On: June 2, 2016)

In the new reboot of the DC Universe, writer Ben Percy decided to go full-leftist with the character Oliver Queen and his alter ego, the Green Arrow. In the issue Green Arrow: Rebirth #1, the hero literally comes out swinging with the phrase “Social Justice Warrior”, wearing the label like a Sheriff wears a badge.

Bleeding Cool posted a few scans of the issue where Queen unabashedly uses a thought box to state…

“I prefer the company of the streets. I prefer the job description of Social Justice Warrior.”

In context it makes sense to the character… using the term in an unironic manner to literally describe someone who values social issues and fights as a warrior to bring justice to those who are denied it  elsewhere.

In literal usage… it makes sense. But in today’s world, “Social Justice Warrior” doesn’t mean what it should.

Bleeding cool notes that the writer Ben Percy had already revealed in an interview with Newsarama that this was topical matter addressing the millennial crowd. Percy states…

“Green Arrow is a social justice warrior. Green Arrow has his finger on the pulse of the moment. We’re channeling the zeitgeist. If you’ve been reading the newspapers over the past few months, you’ve encountered headlines that we have considered filtering into — slanted versions of — into the series.


“And the thing that I’ve struggled with, since taking Green Arrow over, is his billionaire status. This is a Robin Hood figure. And the pull quote from the trade, without question, will be, “How can you fight the man if you are the man?”

I don’t know, can Bill Gates still do good even though he’s a straight while male with billions? And the better question is: are you automatically “evil” just because you fit into a stereotype? Seems like easy questions to answer, but in today’s society simply being a certain race, a certain status, or heaven forbid hold a certain political view, you’re automatically “evil” in the eyes of the media and those who label themselves as “Social Justice Warriors”.

It’s not an endearing term.

This rings especially true when you look at these people labeling themselves as SJWs and willing to harass, belittle and objectify minorities, women and those in the LGBT community in order to further their cause. A hop over to the Jenn of Hardwire site, from Jennifer Medina — a neutral in the #GamerGate saga — reveals just how vicious so-called “Social Justice Warriors” can be if you don’t align up with their worldview.

It’s veiled bigotry at its finest.

If that’s the story Percy plans to tell – not of the struggles of a billionaire Robin Hood trying to find his place amongst the poor and helpless, but of a man claiming to be for social justice while being a bigot all the way to the bank – then it’s going to be a very interesting (and honest) ride.

According to What The Fangirl, they posit that this is good because Oliver Queen as a Social Justice Warrior can now unironically represent and speak out about issues that women can’t, with the writer stating…

“Having a very manly guy like Oliver Queen labeling himself with this phrase is a great turn in an age where women often feel they can’t speak out about equality issues especially with comics.”

User thexenos on Bleeding Cool didn’t quite see it that way. According to him, it’s just horseshoe theory in effect, and in the worst ways possible, writing…

“I find that today’s new feminism and liberalism has become just as sheltered away from reality as the conservatards I thought they were supposed to contrast with. They are becoming both just as close minded as conservatives and also becoming spineless idiots who can’t face conservative pundits.


“[…] There are plenty of real issues a liberal character like Ollie could get into. Black lives matter and the militarization of police is a big issue, especially as he is a vigilante. The human trafficking of women for sex and other human trafficking for illegal labor. The whole issue of human rights for illegal immigrants.”


“[…] No. Instead let’s brand him some twitter buzzword from the stupid Gamergate non-controversy. Yeah. Have him beat up some cis-male gamer cyberbullies. That’s the most pressing topical issues of the day.”

It’s a strange time we live in where the nonsense on Twitter, the division on Facebook, the anger from YouTube and the delusions of Tumblr all come to a head in a comic book where people expect the heroes to be above the pettiness of social media drama; but I guess if video games are being infected with delusions of grandeur, why wouldn’t comic books?

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  • Freeman

    How long did Angela: Queen of Hel last? Like 5 months? Yeah, this one is already on life support.

  • Ali Radicali

    Funny. They call us nerds entitled and then demand that comics, games and films all “represent” them:
    Wealthy, privileged person “fighting” for social change? That sounds awfully familiar……

  • C G Saturation

    “Having a very manly guy like Oliver Queen labeling himself with this
    phrase is a great turn in an age where women often feel they can’t speak
    out about equality issues especially with comics.”

    What. These people always speak for women, when they know nothing about women. It’s clear they only look down on women and think women need them to speak for them.

  • scemar

    this is actually funny, they are trying to stir controverse by trying to tap the meme force and current politics and ideas

    like the hail hydra troll marvel pulled off, like many before they have pulled off

    or when affirmative action female thor referenced gamer gate

    it is just as absolutely clueless and cringy but I wonder if the sjw themselves will realize what a pathetic self insert joke it is and feel shame for themselves or actually unironically like it

  • Dgnfly

    I hope western comic sales go down so they can see an impact but sadly most ppl are like drones and will keep supporting any kinda bullshit.

  • Horrorstorm

    Good going PC Comics. Hiring worthless SJWs has really done well for your comics sales. Hence the reason you’ve had 3 reboots in the last 5 years or so, and 2 of them have happened within months of each other.

    The TV and movie adaptions are fairing really well under the SJWs too!

  • From what I’ve heard, Green Arrow has always been a somewhat progressive figure. But, if DC wants to copy Marvel and make him go full SJW, well, it’s their funeral.

    • I’ve heard about him being progressive. I think part of it comes in with actual progressive views as opposed to espousing the label of “progressivism” while employing regressive tactics to get one’s point across… i.e., the UCLA protests.

      • Bitterbear

        The thing is, Oliver Queen has always been a social justice warrior. The old comics had this left vs right dinamic when he was paired with Green Lantern who was more of a conservative (Hal Jordan being in the USAF) kind of guy. There was always this clash of ideologies between the two of them.1

        Hell, Oliver even called out Jordan on his white male privilege in a comic book before millenials were even born.

        It’s the tv series Smallville that turned him into Diet Batman. DC is just turning him back to where he has always been. So no worries about that.

        • To put it context? He was a hipster before it was mainstream.

          Heh, I wonder if they’re going to explore the dark side of being an SJW in today’s gen? Back before social justice was a needed thing for basic civil rights. It made sense.

          Today’s social justice warriors are campaigning against free speech, and advocating the censorship of art they don’t agree with, and using propaganda to silence anyone they don’t agree with. if Percy touches on those subjects of being an SJW then it might be worth it. Recently, though, a lot of the whole SJW angles have mostly just been talking points for the far-left regressives.

          • Bitterbear

            Not surprised if they push that too. Oliver is not a happy Robin Hood, and more often than not he’s been portrayed as a soured-up man who is constantly nagging the superheroes with superpowers for caring more about the fights than to care for the little people.

        • scemar

          I even saw someone saying he championed for having some black hero in a team, just for the sake of having someone black on the team

          so yeah, definitely somewhere on the spectrum that would perfectly lead to SJW territory

          the thing is tho, those old lighter shades of SJW politics like affirmative action are not the same as the newer true SJW politics of screaming out loud behead all whites and castrate all men because PRIVILEGES etc etc

          the main motivation towards their cause shifted from being compassion and patronizing based, wanting to help the less capable, and shifted towards being entitled and full of revenge hatred, basically demanding those who have had more to suffer today due to what their ancestors enjoyed

          a true SJW green arrow would be trying to hunt down batman for being a privileged white man

          • Bitterbear

            Still miles better than that hideous thing on the CW.

      • Fair point. I’m used to progressivism being synonymous with ‘SJWism.’ I hadn’t fully considered the overall picture.

        That reminds me, I did learn about social justice in high school. What I learned had more of a religious bent, centered on Oscar Romero and others like him. Hard to remember all the details, due to time and it’s devolution into this current lunacy.
        I was reminded of these things partly in thanks to your reply to Bitterbear.