GTA 5 Mod Turns Tons Of Props Into Weapons

Saints Row may be known for people having their lives ended at the end of a giant, wobbling, purple dildo, but now it’s possible to use a very dangerous, mid-sized, pink dildo to kill people in GTA V thanks to a new mod called Weapon Variety.

The GTA V weapon variety mod turns a ton of props into usable weapons. It uses a very nifty and complex trick of rearranging the model data with the hash data of the melee weapons available in the game, enabling players to pick up props from around the area and use them as dangerous weapons.

Modder George Zhang described how the mod works over on the mod page, writing…

“It works by making your base weapon invisible and then attach your new weapon’s model on it to create an illusion. So basically you get a new skin on an existing weapon, keeping the weapon stats, animations and sounds. More features like extra weapon effects might be added in the future.”


Yep, as you can see in the image above, it’s now possible to penetrate enemies with a dildo, and kill them with it. GTA V just graduated to the plateau of perversion where Saints Row resides.

It adds a whole new concept to the power of pink.

But it’s not all about crude weaponry being at the disposal of players. There’s also knives, tennis rackets, bottles and even cleavers that can be used to stab, whack, hit, cut and kill with.


This surely gives GTA V a heck of a lot more life and vibrancy with its extended cache of melee weapons. According to the mod page there’s up to 1,000 slots for weapon data that can be saved and loaded, along with an in-game menu that allows players to easily manage and edit props as weapons.

You can see exactly how some of the weapons look in action with the video below from YouTuber LipskaGTA, where he runs around, cutting, slicing and stabbing people with screwdrivers, dildos and even a traffic light.


If you think that this is the kind of mod that you want to use in order to make GTA V a more lively, violent and exciting place, feel free to download the mod from over on


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