Hearts Of Iron IV Cheat Trainer Adds Infinite Resources, God Mode
Hearts of Iron IV
(Last Updated On: June 18, 2016)

Paradox Interactive’s Hearts of Iron IV, the military strategy simulator set during World War II has racked up a sizable amount of players (forgive me for not having exact numbers since Paradox Interactive had all their titles removed from Steam Spy). Some players who may be finding themselves running into trouble with the game and need a bit of help getting ahead in the game, there is a cheat trainer available that will enable you to gain infinite resources as well as access a god mode and more.

Mr Antifun launched as series of trainers for Hearts of Iron IV, updating it to handle all of your war diplomacy and world conquering antics in Paradox Interactive’s strategy title. In fact, there’s a video from Mr Antifun’s YouTube channel where he goes through each of the cheats and what they do in the game and how they can be utilized to give you a leg up against the PC. You can check it out below.

There are four different iterations of the trainer, going from version 1.00 up to version 1.0.1, the latest of which features 20 options. This allows players to modify things like their political power, national unity, convoys, nukes, experience, and storage supplies. There’s also the option to have fast research and production, infinite organization, instant movement and god mode.

A complete list of the trainer’s cheat functions are listed below.

  1. Inf.Political Power
  2. Inf.National Unity
  3. Inf.Convoys
  4. Inf.Manpower
  5. Inf.Nukes
  6. Inf.Army Exp
  7. Inf.Navy Exp
  8. Inf.Air Exp
  9. Inf.Stored Supplies
  10. Fast National Focus
  11. Fast Construction
  12. Fast Research
  13. Fast Recruiting
  14. Super Production
  15. Super Factories Limits
  16. Inf.Organization
  17. Instant Movement
  18. God Mode
  19. Super Resources
  20. Change Country

According to Mr. Antifun if you want to change countries you’ll need to first activate the trainer and then select the map you want to change to from the map screen, and then you press the hotkey to change the map. In the video up above he shows gamers the process and walks them through the steps in changing countries, as well as utilizing each of the cheats available in the trainer.

Most of the users are reporting that the trainer works as intended. A few people had some issues with the god mode affecting the AI but for the most part everyone else was simply enjoying being able to cheat to their heart’s content.

So without further ado, you can get your hands on the cheats by downloading them from the Mr. Antifun website. You’ll likely want to get the latest version which is available through the first post on the forum page. It’s a small download that will only cost you 4.4MB of hard drive space. Have fun on the war front.

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