Hitman Episode 3: Marrakesh Full Walkthrough

Hitman: Episode 3 is available right now for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Square Enix and IO Interactive let the episode loose and it’s an interesting one. If you need help in taking out targets and finding stealthy ways to avoid being detected, there’s a Hitman Marrakesh complete gameplay walkthrough to help you out.

Hitman: Episode 3 sees players having to take out two very important targets: Private banker Claus Strandberg and army general Reza Zaydan. Both individuals have been attempting to overthrow Morocco and destabilize the country. Agent 47 is sent in to prevent Zaydan and Strandberg from completing their mission.

The school where Zaydan is holed up requires a master key to get through all of the doors, and it’s possible to get the master key by heading upstairs to house where the man and woman are talking out front – the man’s father was the former headmaster of the school where Zaydan is staying, and his father kept the master key to the school. You can head up where the man’s father is and distract him by tossing a coin in front of him and when he goes to see what the clatter is about, walk over and snatch up the key like a bald Winona Ryder.

If you continue to scavenge the streets for information and opportunities, you’ll encounter a propaganda flyer that offers 47 a way to get into the school.

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You can join the printing crew hanging up propaganda posters by taking them and donning one of their outfits.

You can track Zaydan’s printing crew around the city, and eventually he’ll walk into a small room off an alleyway and there you can subdue him and take his clothes. You can head back to the printing crew and talk to them about heading back to the school.

Once they get you into the school they’ll take you directly to Zaydan, but he’s surrounded by lots of armed guards. If you have a kindred spirit with Rambo you can unleash your inner Neo and attempt to fight your way out, or you can be a professional and get a guard’s outfit.

The first video from GameRiot is 19 minutes long and covers how to kill Zayday with a relatively low body count in Hitman’s latest episode. Check it out below.

You could attempt to kill a guard, take his outfit, follow Zaydan when he’s traveling up or down the stairs and then strangle him. There’s a risk a guard might find the body. It’s also possible to use a silencer and take out Zaydan and whatever guards are around him, but there’s the risk of a shootout occurring. The stairwell kill is definitely the easier way about it.

For Claus Strandberg head to the civil protest outside of the consulate and head to the far left side of the security wall of the consulate. You can vault over the wall to get into the inner courtyard. There’s a guard patrolling around the area. You can throw a coin to distract the guard, knock him out and then take his clothes in order to get into the actual consulate.

After getting into the building as a guard, you can check the computer and find out that Strandberg wants to get a massage and you can head into the room and knock out the masseuse and take his clothes. There is a guard in the room with the masseuse and you’ll need to take both of them out.

After getting the masseuse clothes you will need to dump your guns and check in at the reception’s desk. You can conceal your guns in wastebaskets scattered around the lobby and in the bathroom.

Head upstairs to get frisked, and then proceed to give Strandberg a message. While massaging him, you can then snap his neck to kill him. After that, you just have to make a less-than-daring escape to complete the mission.

Hitman: Episode 3 is available right now for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.


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