King Of Fighters XIV Rated Teen For Jiggly Boobs, Violence And Language
King of Fighters XIV

The Entertainment Software Rating Board detailed the contents in the upcoming SNK release of King of Fighters XIV for the PlayStation 4, which is due to drop this August. The game managed to escape with the ‘T’ for Teen rating due to suggestive themes, use of alcohol and tobacco and violence.

Game Idealist caught wind of the update from the ESRB website, where they explain what gamers can expect from the upcoming fighting game. They state the following…

“Players punch, kick, and use special abilities (e.g., fireballs, electrical strikes, sand blasts) to drain opponents’ life meters. Combat is accompanied by frequent impact sounds, cries of pain, and colorful light effects. Several female characters are depicted in low-cut outfits that display large amounts of cleavage and/or buttocks. Female characters’ breasts sometimes jiggle during matches. One female character’s special attack depicts her pulling an opponent’s face to her breasts. A handful of sequences depict close-up shots of a character smoking a cigar and a character drinking from a sake bottle. Some still-image screens show drunken characters holding glasses of beer. The words “sh*t,” “d*ck,” and “a*shole” appear in the dialogue”

A character pulls an opponent’s face to her breasts? I don’t remember this special nor do I think I’ve seen it in the game, but there’s no better way to lose a fight than death by boobs.

Also, the ESRB was on point keeping track of Mai’s jiggly boobs. They weren’t going to let those escape their rating.

The language seems about par the course for a King of Fighters title. And obviously the violence is standard fare for an SNK outing.

I wonder if SNK had to make any kind of modifications to the game to secure a Teen rating? Some people speculated that Capcom had to slightly alter the camera shots in Street Fighter V to avoid a Mature rating. This resulted in R. Mika having to lose her butt slap and Cammy having her crotch shots axed from her intros. SNK didn’t mind keeping the butt slaps, though.

King of Fighters Yuri

King of Fighters XIV is due for release later this year for the PlayStation 4 on August 23rd. SNK has been releasing screenshots and trailers for each of the characters and the teams leading up to the game’s release and so far gamers are okay with it even though they feel as if the graphics are somewhat lacking.

The gameplay, however, is something that gamers feel is mostly on point. We’ll likely get to see more of the game at the upcoming FGC tournaments, so if you’re still unconvinced you can check the game out then or scope out the tournament videos on YouTube.


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