Meiq: Labyrinth Of Death Denied Rating In Australia Due To Underage Sexual Activity
Meiq Labyrinth of Death
(Last Updated On: June 22, 2016)

The Australian classification ratings board handed down their verdict on Idea Factory International’s dungeon crawling RPG, Meiq: Labyrinth of Death. The title is due out this fall in Europe and North America for the PlayStation Vita. However, it won’t be arriving in Australia due to the ratings board denying the game classification because they feel as if some of the characters appear to be underage and that they appear to be involved in sexually suggestive activities.

Censored Gaming sent out a tweet notifying the gaming community that Meiq won’t be landing in the land down under. He links to the Australian government’s classification page for electronic software, where they explain that Meiq violates two specific standards for their ratings…

“[…] computer games that “depict, express or otherwise deal with matters of sex, drug misuse or addiction, crime, cruelty, violence or revolting or abhorrent phenomena in such a way that they offend against the standards of morality, decency and propriety generally accepted by reasonable adults to the extent that they should not be classified,”

So what is it that is so abhorrent about Meiq that the Australian ratings board would believe it to be offensive to adults and “revolting” to reasonable people above the age of 18? Well, underage sexual activity.

Meiq Labyrinth of Death

The second part of the reasoning for the denial of classification states…

“[material that] describe or depict in a way that is likely to cause offence to a reasonable adult, a person who is, or appears to be, a child under 18 (whether the person is engaged in sexual activity or not).”

So the second part of the rating denial is a lot more clear than the first. The first part simply sets the ground rule that the denial of the rating comes from the fact that the material would be deemed objectionable amongst most “reasonable adults”, where-as the second part of the rating works as the modifier that clarifies what it is the ratings board finds objectionable about the game. In this case, it would be the perception of underage sexual activity.

Now the game is a mech-oriented dungeon crawling RPG, so players will pair their all-female team with mechs they acquire throughout the game. The title has typical JRPG mechanics that most long-time fans of series such as Super Robot Taisen or Front Mission would be familiar with. If you need to see what the actual gameplay looks like, you can check out a trailer below, courtesy of SushiTV.

Now keep in mind that the reason for Australia denying this game a classification isn’t actually based on the game containing sexual activity. As they pointed out in section 1. sub-section (b), the character in the game who appears to be under the age of 18 “whether the person is engaged in sexual activity or not” can still warrant a denial of classification for the game.

So even if a loli character is simply dressed somewhat provocative, that’s enough for Australia to drop the banhammer. And in this case, whether or not Meiq has any actual sexual activity involving young-looking characters – simply having young females in the game while other females appear to be dressed provocatively enough to insinuate sexuality, is enough for Australia to uphold their ruling regarding 1., (b) of their classification process.

Despite Australia recently adding an R18+ label to their games line-up to allow for mature titles to be sold, it appears they won’t even allow some content to manage that label and will simply ban them with prejudice.

It’s interesting because Idea Factory International made it known in a previous interview that they would not be censoring their games in order to get them onto store shelves in other regions. In fact, they mentioned that some of their titles simply do not leave Japan due to the heavy amounts of censorship required for them to be exported. In this case, I wonder if they would make the change to get Meiq to sell in Australia? Or would they simply leave Australia out of the release line-up altogether?

On the upside, Meiq: Labyrinth of Death is still coming to North America and Europe this fall. If you live in Australia and you want to get your hands on the game, you’ll have to order it through import sites like

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  • MusouTensei

    I’m german and I have to shake my head over such a ridiculous ban, it doesn’t has a rating here yet but I expect 16+ like Dungeon Travelers 2 or maybe even 12+ like Senran Kagura 2.

    • C G Saturation

      Australia has a very long history of terrible ratings for games. If I recall correctly, they would simply just block anything above Teen because they didn’t have a rating for such content. Because games have to be for kids only, of course.

      • MusouTensei

        Not exactly true, while they had nothing above 15+ back in the days they still got most games that were banned here back then, like Gears of War which got a 15+ rating over there.

        • C G Saturation

          Didn’t know Gears of War was a 15+ game. Only game I remember being banned was Postal 2. I know Left 4 Dead 2 had to tone down a ton of stuff to get approved.

          • MusouTensei

            I think L4D2 is the same censored mess we got in germany, Postal 2 is straight out banned here too(I have it on GoG though), but yeah back then they got several games that were either censored or banned here uncensored with 15+ rating, man, how times have changed.

  • Olivia

    Well, I’m not surprised i mean japan and europe,america are different countries with different cultures. Japan more sexual and europe,america are more sjw rudish.

    • C G Saturation

      The thing is Japan doesn’t allow genitals to be shown, and many Japanese don’t seem to have particularly active sexual relationships (or moreso than anywhere else). The impression I get is they just don’t really get offended as much at sexuality.

      • Olivia

        Ohhh ok, I forgot about the censoring gentials. but over here at america its kinda prudish.

        • C G Saturation

          Canadian friend argued with me saying North America only censors kids, and Japan is actually tighter on censorship. Not entirely sure if that’s true. I feel like censorship often isn’t very consistent.

          Japan used to show boobs and undies on TV anime, but now they draw white clouds/lines on top and then sell uncensored versions on DVD/Blu Ray.

          I remember hearing the UK used to not care about showing a nipple, but now everyone rages at everything.

          Oh, and you are totally right about SJWs whining about fictional characters. It’s because the fictional characters can’t speak for themselves that they take advantage of them. Ironic, really.

          • Cats736

            The censorship of TV airing anime is usually to push up the DVD/BD sales.

          • C G Saturation

            Yeah, I’m not sure what the TV censorship laws are like in Japan now.

            The thing to keep in mind is that, from what I heard, anime studios spend most of their budget paying the TV stations for broadcast slots. They only make money from the DVD/BD sales.

          • Olivia

            I completely agree

  • Alistair

    Ho Ho Ho & the plot thickens how will IFI will respond to this stupidity knee-jerk of prudish SJWs that thinks any fictional characters has the same given rights like non-fictional ones is to be treated as a joke.

    & IFI will have to respond to not release it over there, indeed they did say they fed up of censoring the games so they won’t release them in the west. But the prudent SJWs has unwittingly open a can of worms.

    If IFI do decide to break the we won’t release the game censored but instead the game be released censored & the other region not censored then they two versions out in the market.

    What was NISA views on releasing two different versions for other regions they say it can’t be done due to costs & time. Well a new whole ball game isn’t it.

    • This is a very good point and good questions, too. I’m curious if more countries start adopting these kind of bans (and with the new sexism ratings being pushed really hard in some regions) will IFI cave and start censoring or risk losing sales altogether?

      If they’re forced to censor they may just have to start making different kinds of games, or stick to the back-alley indie sectors on PC. It’s definitely not a bright future for devs throwing in ecchi content in their games.

      • I’m curious as to whether there are actually any organised resistences/campaigns against this bigoted policing of video games/art. Because if there’s a time to properly campaign, it’s now.

        Because so far it’s always been GamerGate (the genuine ones, NOT the SJW-lites and Moderates) standing against this, and being little more than a Twitter hashtag and some Internet forums, they’re not exactly an organised group. GG does seem to be have an impressive high number of ‘members’ though.

        I am getting tired though of how it’s always the moral puritans who always have the upper hand. Then again when something garners public sympathy (sexism & violence towards wymmin, blah blah blah) it skyrockets into politics, law and government level so quickly.

        • DizzyGear

          The rise of Trump is proof enough ordinary people are sick of this shit.

          In the meantime you can support people like Dave Rubin with his Rubin Report to spread the word that people are not alone in the fight against the SJW/PC tyranny.

          Watch some of his interviews on his YouTube channel if you haven’t already.

          • Yes, but will Trump win? That’s the big question. And even if he does win, does it signal the end for SJWs? Maybe not. But Trump winning will be the starting point.

            And yeah, I watch Dave Rubin quite often, he’s good chap. Even though he’s a leftist libertarian, his values on free speech is spot-on and is completely against the SJW-feminist crap.

            I’m more of an alt-right cultural libertarian conservative (a bit like Milo Yiannopoulos), but if a person believes in genuine 1) free speech, 2) freedom of creativity/expression, 3) anti-censorship, 4) ethical journalism, and 5) anti-PC/SJW/feminist then you are good in my books, lol

            Right now my Twitter has been locked due to “suspicious activity” on my login, which is no surprise since that warning came soon after I put some hardline SJW-feminists in their place. I thought they could only be victims??!!! Lol…

      • Alistair

        They could adopted what compile heart does is to release the game uncensored in Chinese & English subs NISA parent company NIS can do the same if they wanted too.

        The wording from NISA saying we have no control of what our parent company they have the last say. Is a LIE it NISA going back to tell NIS to do edits. For criminal girls-2

  • Know several folks from Australia on a chat site I regularly talk to, and they’ve told me that Australia is and is fast becoming an ultra-leftist SJW-feminist shit-hole.

    The GTA and Tyler the Creator (rapper that got banned from the country because his songs contained violence and sex towards women) incidents reflect this.

    As for Meiq, well this is an example of the ‘fictional characters’ argument (it’s a logically valid and water-tight one) being rejected from the moral puritan elites. SJWs/feminists absolutely HATE the ‘fictional female’ argument because they know it’s true and that it completely and factually destroys their ideology and arguments.

    So basically what I believe has happened is that these SJW puritan types have taken over, influenced and subverted the ratings boards themselves to set their own standards/definitions. This is the literally the ONLY way they can get games outright banned/censored.

    The world is going to shit. It really is. Political Correctness is cancer.

    • Michael P

      Yeah we’re having another feminist sperg out atm over a joke made by Collingwood football club president and media commentator Eddie McGuire…

      Australia had an awesome ability to laugh at everything when I was a kid but political correctness has all but killed that attitude. Cancer indeed.

      • Same kind of crap over here in the UK as well. If you are in the public domain, a man simply cannot make any jokes about women whatsoever otherwise he will get fired because of feminist outrage.

        BUT women in the public domain are allowed to make jokes about and demonize men all day long though. They even do it on their shitty daytime chat shows. And when they do, you never hear a single noise from the feminists.

        Fucking hypocrites.

    • C G Saturation

      It is. I remember hearing something like, social justice classes are compulsory in Australia now. That’s on top of the decades of female-only scholarships, female-only jobs, etc. It’s illegal to advertise that you’re only hiring females, but people in Australia still do it anyway.

    • Derp Minos

      Australia has always been a SJW shithole. Remember that ruling of jailing people over drawings? Yep yep.

      • I thought that was South Korea?

        • Derp Minos

          Also happened in Australia too.

  • scemar

    that’s australia folks
    high impact sexual violence etc
    highly outrage prone place, low respect for freedom of speech in general
    I’ve also seen australia stuck in freedom of speech issues related to other things not gaming

  • Cats736

    Why does anyone even bother with Australia anymore?

  • C G Saturation

    Probably some woman’s chest wasn’t big enough to look “adult”.

    I heard that Australia recently broadened the definition of what constitutes child abuse, so they could apply it to more things, including the internet. They renamed it from child pr0n to something else, but I forget what. Expect many more fictional young women to be saved from ogling.

    • Tom Jones

      To clarify: if an Australian boards deems an adult woman (no matter how old she is) to have “childlike features” then she is considered a child with regards to sexual depictions.
      Basically if you’re a 4’10 thirty year old with A cups, you’re considered a child.

      • Alistair

        True that but you do get small build women out there “petite” they called but how can you question the characters age when they not real I don’t consider NPC in GTA as adults or in COD so the same thing with girls that may or maynot be loli PEGI once said it hard to tell what a age the characters are.

        Basically what I’m saying is the game would have to say it a “child” & age in the game via dialogue & text but even then it should be allowed as art is just that just art.

    • Michael P

      They were thinking of banning “petite porn” here a while back because apparently women who are small resembled children to them but thankfully that died in a fire.

      Seems the vidya has another casualty though. The government still hasn’t accepted that videogames are for adults too.