Mighty No. 9 Complete Gameplay Walkthrough
Mighty No. 9

Mighty No. 9 isn’t a very long game, but if you wanted a walkthrough guide to see how you get through each boss, how you quickly take out enemies, or how you overcome certain segments, there are some walkthrough guides available offering tips and hints on completing the game successfully. The game is out now for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Wii U and PC.

Mighty No. 9 may not be receiving very high marks from critics or gamers alike, but if you wanted to see what all the fuss was about without having to pay money for the game, a walkthrough might be safe a bet. You can check out an hour long playthrough below from Nukem Dukem.

The first mission is pretty basic, you just pepper the light enemies and then dash them to absorb them and get score.

For the laser fields later in the stage just before you get to the first boss, just keep your distance, pepper them with the blaster and then absorb them. For the ones lined up with each other, time it to target the first one, then absorb it and proceed to rinse and repeat that method.

For the first boss, the Round Digger, simply shoot him in the face and as his life dwindles, he’ll charge at you. Use the dash to blast right through him while he charges at you to take his life down and prevent his life from recharging. Additionally, when he tries to regenerate his life while he’s flashing purple, be sure to quickly dash him. If you don’t dash him when his life is low and he begins to flash then you won’t be able to kill him. Make sure that when his life is red to dash the Round Digger.

For the Pyro stage, be sure to use the aerial dash to get across some of the segments where the entire ground is covered in flames. The infinite dash makes it possible to get through a lot of the more difficult platforming segments without having to rely on precision reflexes.

For the Pyro boss, Mighty No. 1, just keep peppering him with the blaster shots until he says “Here it comes!” and then you’ll need to dash him to quickly drain his life. When he flashes purple/red/violet, just dash him to quickly dispatch him.

Mighty No. 9

For the Mine stage, players will have to face off against Mighty No. 9. The tricky part about the Mine is that you have to work fast in some of the platforming segments. The purple coils are instant-kill you so you can’t touch them at all.

For some of the purple coil segments, tread carefully. Also, don’t try to get the extra life in the segment with the drills. It’s a death trap and you won’t be able to get the life with ease. If you’re a masochist (and you’re likely one if you wanted to play Mighty No. 9) then you can attempt to get the extra life, but it’s likely not worth it.

For the boss fight against Mighty No. 4, just watch out for the rocks he throws and then dash him when he flashes purple. The boxes that fall from the ceiling – simply watch out for them and stand in the space where they won’t land. When Mic uses his drill hands, simply jump up and keep dashing until his arms retract.

Up next is the Water Works Bureau. YouTuber kwingsletsplays offers a 16 minute video going through the water stage. The stage also uses the purple coils that will kill you instantly so continue to be wary when wading through the water.

When repeatedly facing off against the mini-bosses throughout the level, they get increasingly difficult. Cryosphere in Japanese sounds adorable and really matches the look. However, when battling Cryosphere you’ll need to watch out for the ice columns. When Cyrosphere puts the column down you’ll need to dash through them. If you get frozen you’ll need to repeatedly press the digital pad, the left analog and the ‘X’ or ‘A’ button to get unfrozen.

Pepper Crysophere after taking out the ice columns and watch out for the ice nodes she drops on the ground. It’s a boss that’s more-so reliant on reflexive skill based on a pattern more than anything.

PlayGames also offered a complete playthrough of Mighty No. 9

PlayGames manages to tackle the rest of the bosses, including going through the Radio Tower and Highway, amongst others. His playlist consists of 10 different videos and manages to blast through each of the levels pretty quickly.

For the final boss, Ray, players will simply need to rinse and repeat the same tactics that they used in the other fights. Dodge the attacks, keep peppering Ray with hits until she flashes purple and then dash.

If you need help on specific bosses PlayGakmes also has a 50 minute video that covers nothing but the boss fights. You can check out that video below.

Mighty No. 9 is available right now for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Wii U and PC. The game is $19.99 but most people suggest that if you really are planning on picking up a copy to wait for it to go on sale until it’s at least 50% off.


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