Nekopalive Features Catgirls Singing And Dancing In VR

If Facebook wants to fight and block the new wave of porn for virtual reality headsets, they can attempt to do so, but some companies like Neko Works will find ways around those blocks with fan-service laden VR projects like Nekopalive, which sees VR users being able to watch cute catgirls sing and dance in frilly clothes on stage in front of a live audience.

Published by Sekai Project, the VR app basically lets users watch a live concert featuring the catgirls from the La Soleil bakery from the Nekopara games, on stage dancing.

The Steam page is littered with age gates up and down the wazoo as if you were able to see the pussy… cats doing things that would make Larry Flynt blush. However, the app seems terribly tame. The most risque thing about it is that there are some upskirt shots of the duo, but it’s nothing too serious. You can see what the VR app is like with the trailer below.

The music is definitely catchy and the 120 frames per second really help bring the characters to life. It’s like the evolution of the Miku Miku Dance revolution.

Majority of the reviews are positive, but some complain that there’s just nothing to do and not enough content present.

The reason for the scarcity of content is because Neko Works originally launched Nekopalive as a joke for April Fool’s. It turned out to be so popular that they figured they would turn it into a real thing for virtual reality headsets. It seems like a lot of games have started coming into their own based on an April Fool’s day joke. Maybe they’re less like jokes and more like subconscious manifestations of what people actually want to play and experience? Maybe?

Anyway, Nekopalive is free to play. You also don’t need a VR HMD to make use of the app. You can sit and watch the girls sing and dance all day long until your heart is content.

If you want to get your hands on the app feel free to grab it from over on the Steam store.


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