New Witcher 3: Blood And Wine Infinite Money Glitch Works On Patch 1.20
(Last Updated On: June 5, 2016)

There’s a new infinite money glitch in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine. The best part about this glitch is that it grants player over 100,000 crowns, opting a player to make millions in minutes. This works on patch 1.20 for Blood and Wine, and is active on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Update – This glitch has been patched and doesn’t work after patch 1.21.

It doesn’t take long before glitchers find bad exploits or flat-out glitches in a new game, DLC or patch. Speaking of that, this new glitch in the Witcher 3 is no exception and works for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Thanks to PowerPyx, players will be able to do the crown-beehive money glitch on patch 1.20 by following the video below.

If the video was hard to follow, a written guide can be followed below. As seen in the video, it will only take seven steps to complete it so that you can get rich quick – although it equals out to eight, but seven is good.

First step: Head to White Orchard Armorer and do the quest waiting for you. Buy everything from him, this allows you to make extra money when the glitch is set in motion.

Second step: Make your way to the beehive to the north of the town, which should be near a building on the road. This trusty thing will come in handy later on.

Third step: Use Aard on the beehive so that you can move it to the Armorer, which is wise to do so when it is at night, when there are fewer people around to obstruct your path.

Fourth step: Get the beehive near the Armorer so that it kills the Armorer constantly. Every time it kills the targer meditate for an hour so that Armorer will come back to life to help the process along.

Fifth step: Each time the Armorer dies and respawns, he drops his full inventory so that you can constantly get everything including crafting material, money and so on. The more money you gave him the more merrier it will be.

Sixth step: Move the beehive back so that you can get your loot when you reach the desired amount.

Seventh step: This is optional but it still counts as a step, due to it speeding up the process. Go to your inventory and drop saddles/ saddles bags, / repair kits / lead/ and parchment. And now rinse and repeat step four and you will be the riches person in Toussaint…

If the glitch doesn’t work, carefully re-watch the video and make sure that you do everything slowly until you become comfortable with the glitch and learning the ends and outs of it.

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  • powerbuoy

    Tried it today and it still works for me (PC). HOWEVER, now Willis just won’t spawn again. I’ve tried meditating, traveling all over the world and back etc and all I see in White Orchard is a pile of Willis corpses 🙁 Also the village where he lives seems a little glitchy now. Running through it Geralt sort of glitches forward every now and then. Might restore the save I had before doing all this. The most annoying thing is that I actually HAD like 100k which were suddenly gone after reinstalling the game to play the expansion, that’s why I tried this in the first place.

  • Mariana Luz

    Will it work it I delete the game and have it reinstalled and do this glitch before patching it to 1.20? When did this glitch start working?

    • You could try that. I think we’ll need to start looking for new glitches for 1.20 to cut down on the hassle of having to reinstall the game and downgrade to before 1.20.

      • Mariana Luz

        I tested it, it’s working!

  • Oiva Lehtinen

    Was thinking the same thing. It worked for me prior to 1.2 but tried it again today, 5 days after patch, and the bees seem to just stop killing him after a few hits? Anyone had a similair situation?

    • Ethan42

      You’re not the only one, the devs got around to it and patched it.

      • Oiva Lehtinen

        Hey thanks for the confirmation man! You happen to know any other method that wouldn’t require an endless grind of questionmarks? Heheh

        • Ethan42

          Not at the moment. I’m hard at work trying to find some good legit glitches. If I do, I’ll be sure to let you guys know.

  • Bru Beav

    Not working anymore???

    • Ethan42

      Sorry to say, it’s been patched.