Nintendo Denies #GamerGate Reference In Paper Mario: Color Splash
Paper Mario: Color Splash
(Last Updated On: June 23, 2016)

After news started making the rounds about a corruption scandal meme in Paper Mario: Color Splash seemingly parodying aspects of both Watergate and #GamerGate, Nintendo was called to the forefront to deny any associations of the latter.

Will Hicks from HeatST received a reply from a Nintendo of America representative who stated…

“As many have observed, when viewed in its entirety the Nintendo Treehouse: Live segment for Paper Mario: Color Splash from E3 includes two jokes separated by commentary and gameplay that have no relation to each other. One jokes has to do with Watergate, while the other is a nod to the Fungi Fun Guys from Mario Party 8. It was brought to our attention that these two jokes have been spliced together and misconstrued as a crude reference to an online hate campaign. While we typically do not speak on localization matters, we feel the need to confirm that these jokes are not linked in the game and were never intended to be linked. Nintendo firmly rejects the harassment of individuals in any way and was surprised to learn that its gameplay was misinterpreted in this manner.”

It was easy to see how anyone familiar with both events could interpret the segment to include both the Watergate and #GamerGate scandals. The entire scenario was about a scam from a Yellow Toad involving “Five Fun Guys”. When you combine the Five Fun Guys with the revelation of the Gate scandal and the Yellow Toad saying that his career would be ruined if it went public, it was easy to make the connection to #GamerGate, since the proto-version of the tag started as #FiveGuys before it was changed to #GamerGate. In private Facebook conversations the individual involved also begged to not have the information released or it could ruin careers.

You can see the original video of the segment from Paper Mario: Color Splash below. It starts around the 20 minute mark.

Some have said that it was entirely Watergate oriented, that the “Five Fun Guys” referenced the five burglars who were caught breaking into the Watergate building. However, that scenario is actually referred to as the “Watergate Seven” since it was actually five burglars and two handlers who were involved in the situation, and the seven individuals were tried for the burglary.

The “Exposed” part in the Paper Mario skit actually works both ways between Watergate and #Gamergate, since there’s a book from 2011 called Watergate: Exposed and Milo Yiannopoulos’ article about the Game Journo Pros secret e-mail list that was used to help paint #GamerGate as a harassment campaign was headlined with “Exposed”.

Given that actor Adam Baldwin coined the term #GamerGate based on Watergate, many thought it was Nintendo’s playful way of interjecting memes about both events into the localization process, something that they have been known to do for many of their games making the leap from the East to the West.

As for Nintendo’s comments about #GamerGate being a “hate campaign”, it’s obvious lip service at this point to keep journalists happy. If you take a dive into the hashtag right now you see conversations and links to articles relating to exposing corruption and ill-doings by journalists. Campaigning hate is not only not allowed on Twitter, but it’s simply something the hashtag was never involved in, according to a peer reviewed report by WAM!, a report by Newsweek, and independent studies by TechRaptor and data analyst Chris von Csefalvay.

The funny part about all of this is that at the end of the day, this is probably going to be the most coverage that Paper Mario: Color Splash gets from the media leading up to its release.

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  • Celerity

    I don’t think it references Watergate, and there’s 2 big reasons for this:

    1: Watergate happened 44 years ago. As almost every Mario fan was not alive back then, this means only the historically aware would know of it. And sure, plenty of people read their history books. How many of those are the SJWs at Treehouse? Remember, SJWs are notorious for their lack of historical awareness and frequently repeat the mistakes of the past.
    2: The character making the remark about this “ruining their career” is one of the “Five Fun Guys”. In Watergate the “Five Guys” ruined someone else’s career, in #GamerGate the Five Guys harmed their own.

    Also consider how triggered Treehouse must be after FE: Fates.

  • C G Saturation

    Because being sick and tired of corrupt assholes is “an online hate campaign”.
    How dare we not want to be cheated and lied to! You’d think there was such a thing as morals, or ethics, or something! Get real! These are humans we’re talking about!

    Currently glad I didn’t end up buying a Wii U. I don’t like to financially support the spread of lies and misinformation.

  • TT

    it is so hard to tell with NoA and this industry, considering the stuff with the whole “gay conversion” in Fire Emblem revealed the treehouse employee was paying into that tumblr user’s patreon, maybe this is just a publicity stunt?
    Also “hate campaign” may be PR fluff, but, well…

    • TT

      either way, can’t they just translate it properly?

  • Arbitrary

    But remember, GamerGate – we WON! Right?! This is TOTALLY what victory looks like!

    • “But remember, GamerGate – we WON! Right?! This is TOTALLY what victory looks like!”

      lol, what you have said is very telling of the current situation. It’s clear that GG is very desperate right now to scrape for every biscuit crumb, while the devs/companies cosy it up in bed with the SJWs/feminists with champagne and lobster.

      Very similar to the GG Ethics-Only / Moderate brigade where they thought that forcing mainstream games media to write a line or two of disclosures in their articles constitutes as a GG “victory”, and that “GG has achieved it’s mission/goal” (forgot who said that, but it’s fucking cringe-worthy).

      You’re absolutely spot-on regarding how Nintendo could have remained neutral, but instead they HAD to go and call GG an “online hate campaign”.

      At least we know for sure where Nintendo lie now. And if they keep this up, I hope the next place they lie in is the grave.

      • Shelly the kid
        • Are you blaming GamerGate for a theater shooting? Because that’s what it looks like.

          • Shelly the kid

            Hell no nigga! I’m calling out this anime fag on his BS since he’s acting like one of those basement losers who has never been loved and claims all companies are evil and I wanna rap to Paper Mario porn! lol

            Besides? I’m more happy about this shit than what the fatass is saying is cringe!


            We need more countries to leave the EU since it has caused more harm than good.

            Plus, I don’t play video games anymore due to personal reasons and a shitty economy.

            Even though I have a Pokemon avatar. I really don’t give a shit what Nintendo does in their business. I already have a black Wii U and I may buy a NX just to play the newer games outside of Nintendo first party.

            I find it ironic that you guys bash Nintendo for being SJW’s. Yet you guys buy the PS4 and Xbone and they done the same shit if not worse than Nintendo?




            (Also, I never accuse you guys of being terrorists? That’s the mainstream media being pussies as always. After 9/11. Why bother?)

            And don’t take the words “BURN IN HELL!” seriously? I was awake way late just to watch the news about the UK leaving the EU and I was like so fucking for that shit!

          • At least make it more subtle next time.

          • Shelly the kid

            Okie-dokie, artichokie!

            Oreimo, is it? I may have to find fap material of that online.


          • durka durka

            “We need more countries to leave the EU since it has caused more harm than good.”

            Not really all those countries get money from eu, Leaving the eu is instability. It is better not to be in it in the first place. But it really depends on what you mean it caused them harm. For example greece has only implemented 3% of the reforms, with 3% you cant blame eu. It is funny that people think eu is fascist but it has zero power to enforce anything, just like UN, All the south countries have similar culture with corruption and huge public sector debt. Meanwhile north europe is doing great. That is because north europe has less corruption and low debt and public spending.

            Eu was a political and trade union not a economic one, instead of having a common fiscal policy and a central banking system, they adopted the euro and everyone did whatever the fuck they wanted because the “undemocratic” european commission has no power to force anyone to do jack shit so it created a huge mess.

            Ironically EU has failed not because eu is fascist but because everyone was doing whatever the fuck they wanted which turned this whole thing into a mess bound by common trade rules and a common currency.

            They couldnt get their shit together and daddy eu did not force them

            So dont listen to the populist bullshit.

            UK wants to leave for a simple reason, because they are british and like to be in charge and since they are doing great so is their currency and cameron blamed the austerity HE IMPOSED on eu, all the poor brits who have dont know jack shit about how things work decided to go for brexit, which they now regret and search google wtf is the eu?

            Populist and confirmation bias created this mess and the stupid belief that different cultures will become lke the other and manage to live together and form a union.

            But you see these things take time and no country exists in a vacuum. If you wanna blame the eu for something blame it for being inept and utopian.

            As for UK? Things will get worse to them since they have not decided to commence their leave yet and when they do it will take years for a complete divorce. Let me tell you what investors hate, instability and changing rules and tax hikes which all gonna happen.

            This world is fucked by stupidity and we are guilty of it. I like games because i can ignore all this, but seriously at some point it has to stop, we have to go back 10 years when everything was chill.

            I am sick and tired of all of these bullshit.

          • All the south countries have similar culture with corruption and huge public sector debt.

            This right here.

            I’ve been thinking a lot about Brexit and noticed that a country like Greece couldn’t stand on its own two feet because they screwed themselves over. Poor leadership, poor management, poor oversight of the corrupt banking system; spending more than what they were budgeting for and leaving the people out in the cold. That had nothing to do with the EU.

            However, piss poor budgeting by corrupt leaders were affecting the overall stability of other places like the U.K., so I can see why they would want to part ways. Someone else’s fiscal irresponsibility shouldn’t affect an entire nation state, so I can see why some people would want their independence from those kind of screw-ups.

            It’s amazing but the media just keeps talking about the short term doom and gloom and none of the overall effects of other nations/regions being corrupt and lousy with their spending affecting the Euro and damaging the overall economy for those in the EU.

      • durka durka

        Let me say something no one cares about GG anymore, nintendo wont bother do fact check or anything, a quick google search will paint gg as a hate campaign and that is history now since no one has the power to re write it.

        The problem with GG is that most people who took part into it have turned into right wingers who support trump or brexit and do everything they can do post edgy offensive bullshit.

        It has turned into a culture war based on “fuck you pc sjws i am a edgy motherfucker trump 2016.” Even sargon of akkad is hanging out with conservatives and goes on and on posting nationalist shit and making fun of sjws but NEVER criticizing the right.

        At this point, the whole world is a culture war between right who are against the establishment and hate immigrants and pc lefties who want to make changes but most of them are too weak or clueless to do it

        Long story short i want to go back to the days i escaped this retarded bullshit by playing games, i dont like where the world is heading, i want both sides to fight it out and things to go back to normal.

        • Guess what? Even though I state GG in my profile, I don’t really care that much about GG either. In my opinion the movement, even though it has some success under it’s belt, has ultimately lost for the most part. And let’s not forget the SJW-lite and Moderate parasites that have infested and corrupted a major part of the movement.

          “The problem with GG is that most people who took part into it have turned into right wingers who support trump or brexit and do everything they can do post edgy offensive bullshit.

          It has turned into a culture war based on “fuck you pc sjws i am a edgy motherfucker trump 2016.” Even sargon of akkad is hanging out with conservatives and goes on and on posting nationalist shit and making fun of sjws but NEVER criticizing the right.”

          Because they know that GG is ineffective for the most part now. All the hard work of GG at it’s peak has resulted into just the two significant “wins” – making mainstream video games journalists state disclosures; and pulling the advertising, costing Gawker several million dollars. There may be more, but I’ve forgotten so correct me if that’s the case.

          Despite making mainstream games media stating disclosures, they are still as corrupt as ever, continuing to push the SJW and feminist political agendas and slandering the gamers.

          The main goal of GG was always to advocate for and fight for ethical journalism. But it was NEVER as simple as that. The people who didn’t have their heads buried in the Ethics-Only bucket realized that the corruption in mainstream games media stems from the leftist PC Social Justice feminists in politics.

          The Ethics-Only brigade has a habit of constantly ignoring the elephant in the room – and this elephant is of course, the SJWs and feminists. Anita Sarkeesian and Feminist Frequency are the biggest clues, it’s staring them right in the fucking face. But no, it’s always “nuh it’s not about feminism it’s about muh ethics”.

          And that is why I think the ex-GG members have turned to the supporting Trump/Brexit and posting edgy offensive bullshit thing. They realize that SJWs and modern feminists are the root of the problem, and only beating them can you expect video games to return to normal.

          The extreme right-wingers are indeed extreme and bigoted we all know that, but I really do think the ex-GGs who have turned are Alt-Rights and cultural libertarians rather than “right-wingers”.

          I mean, what alternative is there? Being a Moderate has proven that it gets you absolutely nowhere.

          “Long story short i want to go back to the days i escaped this retarded bullshit by playing games, i dont like where the world is heading, i want both sides to fight it out and things to go back to normal.”

          That’s what we all want. Unfortunately the SJW PC-brigade have infested and set up home, and that’s the way it is now.

          And it’s come from decades of ignoring the regressive left, namely the feminists.

          “Just ignore them and they’ll go away” we were told.

    • Agrias Oaks

      Gamergate didn’t “win”, but you’re joking if you think that Nintendo would side with regressives, they’ve already fired Alison Rapp exactly because she’s toxic.

  • This statement proves once and for all that Nintendo are against the gamers and completely on the side of SJWs/feminists. All it took was Zoe Quinn to throw her toys out of the pram and Nintendo immediately came crawling in to make a simpering apology.

    Absolutely pathetic.

    Or maybe, just maybe they DID intend it to be about GG… but keep it unclear and deny it because of PR and to keep the Tumblrtards away. Which if it is the case, then it’s a smart move.

    But given Nintendo USA have been recently censoring and butchering games to death, I doubt it.

  • scemar

    not sure what annoys me more

    the fact that people that usually stand against perceived memes inserted into localizations giving this one a pass

    or the fact that Nintendo actually bothered acknowledging this situations
    let’s talk about that
    actual fans, the real people that have loved, played and bought their games for years have come out in immense numbers to ask them, beg and demand them to stop censoring their games, misstranslating stuff, and inserting meme content

    and nintendo ignores them entirely, brushed to the side like nothing

    and now this one case where it seems as if by pure coincidence, certain people felt the subject was about them, got triggered

    and now suddenly Nintendo is rushing to damage control to calm them all down and let them know it’s all ok, and don’t worry dear SJW, nintendo loves you and does not support those hateful dead gamers

    Nintendo is showing who they care about, take a hint, it’s not gamers

    • Their censoring and butchering of games despite fan backlash prior shows which side they’re on.

    • DizzyGear

      First thing that came to my mind as well. They butcher 3 games in a row with hamfisted censorship and tumblr memes creating massive backlash from the people who actually buy these games and they stay perfectly quiet but when Zoe ‘woe is me’ Quinn decides she hasn’t gotten enough attention as of late and throes a hissyfit on twitter, Nintendo rushes out with a statement.
      Would not even fucking surprise me if they end up changing it pandering to the SWJ like the fucking cucks they are.

      Absolutely disgusting. Seriously fuck this company.

      I need a drink.

    • C G Saturation

      I sure hope Nintendo is proud of losing long-time fans and customers.