Nitro Super Sonico Sexy Racing Figurine Ships January, 2017

The popular Japanese icon, Nitro Super Sonico, will receive a brand new statue starting at the end of January in 2017 next year. The new statue is a 1/7th pre-painted figurine made of PVC and clocks in at 220mm tall. recently sent out a cheeky tweet about the figure being available on their storefront for pre-order.

And by cheeky… I mean double cheeky.

The figure is part of a line of paraphernalia associated with the NitroPlus brand of Super Sonico, a character that’s grown in massive popularity since her debut back in 2006. It’s amazing that she’s been around for a decade, giving gamers plenty to gawk at and leaving very little to the imagination.

Sonico has also appeared in a number of different media brands over the last ten years, including anime, mangas and even a gravure video game for PC and PS3 called Motto! SoniComi.


I’ve seen this character a couple of times before but I had no idea she was that popular or well recognized within the otaku community.

Anyway, the theme of this particular statue is that she’s wearing a racing Miku supporter’s outfit. According to Play-Asia, they explain…

“From the anime series ‘SoniAni’ comes a figure of Super Sonico as she appeared in episode 10 of the series, dressed in the 2013 Racing Miku Supporters’ outfit! The figure is based on an illustration by character designer Santa Tsuji, and faithfully keeps all of the impressive volume!”

“Impressive volume” is an artistic understatement. That figure has more dangerous curves than Laguna Seca’s chicanes.

If you’re looking to pre-order this particular Super Sonico statue will run you a not-so-cheap price of $126.99. You can scope out more of Sonico’s “impressive volume” and other details by hitting up the Play-Asia website.


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