Onechanbara Z2: Chaos, Raunchy Hack-And-Slash Game Has Arrived On Steam

Tamsoft gives zero cares about its detractors. While a lot of studios are absolutely floored by the current media wave to only portray females in a specific light, Tamsoft continues to push the limits by making their heroines completely over-the-top in some of the most creative and raunchy ways imaginable. Much like Platinum Games’ Bayonetta, the femme fatales in the Onechanbara series are in complete ownership of their sexuality, and they aren’t afraid to flaunt it while they hack and slash their way through undead monsters.

Players take on the roles of four dangerous vixens, Kagura, Saaya, Aya and Saki. The characters will battle their way through 12 uncompromising levels in very compromising attire. The game – very similar to Tamsoft’s Senran Kagura series – isn’t all fan-service, and it actually requires some skill and mastery of the combos to get the top ranks in each level. Aiding players along the way are demon transformation abilities, along with plenty of hard-hitting combos.

There’s an intro video from XFactor1111 showcasing the girls doing their thing with the Banana Split DLC. It’s obviously not safe for work, but have a look if you dare.

There’s not much of a surprise left with those Strawberry Banana Surprise outfits. The only thing missing is a banana coming out of or going into the peel.

Anyway, the game appears to be a proper port from the PlayStation home consoles. The graphics options are limited but the user reviews note that the controller options – especially if you have a Steam Controller – are rather intuitive, and the customization features with unlockable and alterable outfits is still in place. So yes, you can have the girls running around in just a banana and bread if you want.

Onchanbara Z2

I do wonder if the so-called SJWs see this game as progressive for empowering the women to take control of their sexuality and exercise confidence in it? Or do they see it as the women being little more than sex objects for the “male gaze”? These days it’s impossible to tell what’s empowering and what’s objectifying.

Regardless of what the media thinks, gamers are enjoying Onechanbara Z2: Chaos on the PC for the most part, so I guess political punditry on press platforms really don’t matter.

If you want to add Onechanbara Z2: Chaos to your library on Steam, you can grab it for 30% off for only $27.99 during the launch week. After that the game will run you $39.99. For more info feel free to take a trip to the Steam store page or visit the official website.


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