Pokemon Sun And Moon Models Available In Garry’s Mod

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon aren’t due for release until November 18th later this year for the Nintendo 3DS. But in the meantime some gamers have already taken to modeling some of the game’s new Pokemon and implementing them into Garry’s Mod as ragdolls.

Modder Estefanoida manually handcrafted and modeled three of the newest Pokemon set to arrive in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

The pack includes three ragdoll models. One of them is Rowlet, the owl looking Pokemon, it also comes with modifiable bodygroups and multiple color schemes. Popplio, the seal-looking creature, also comes with various color schemes and it has multiple skins with animated textures. Litten gets the same treatment, with multiple skins, animated textures and various color schemes and bodygroups for users to manipulate, whether that’s posing them for photos or creating your own machinima.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Garry's Mod

There are some minor issues with Popplio that needs to be fixed and Rowlet’s beak and head will require some adjustments with an advanced bone tool, but otherwise the models are designed for complete use in Garry’s Mod.

I would like to hope that Nintendo and the Pokemon Company won’t be going after people who just want to play around with the Pokemon within the comfort of Facepunch Studios’ modding sandbox.

Blizzard has been taking the opposite approach with Overwatch, where the female characters with bodies too hot for a Teen rating have been put through their paces in the porn scene; Blizzard is having none of it. They’re going around attempting to DMCA all of the most apparent porn of Overwatch that pops up on search engines.

Modders have had to resolve to ripping and importing the models into MMD as an alternative to Blizzard’s crackdown on the SFM scene.

Some people think it’s all just a ruse to drum up publicity for the first-person shooter, others think that Blizzard is worried that the only notable thing about Overwatch will be the porn. Sad to say but the only notable thing about Overwatch is the porn. The game is a stripped down version of Team Fortress 2 with cooler looking characters.

Anyway, I doubt Nintendo and the Pokemon Company have to worry about the Garry’s Mod models for Rowlet, Popplio and Litten appearing at the top of Google searches for Pokemon-related porn, or at least not in the way the Garry’s Mod models for Tracer and Widowmaker have been used for plenty of 18+ exploits.

If you want to get your hands on Rowlet, Popplio and Litten, you can do so right now by checking out the Steam Workshop page.