PsychSoftPC Announces VR-Ready 4K Gaming PCs
Nvidia GTX 1080
(Last Updated On: June 17, 2016)

The push for VR continues to make its way around the enthusiast market, and for the first time in a long time an OEM has come out with VR-ready gaming PCs made specifically to take advantage of the virtual reality advent.

The line of computers built and designed to run the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive come from a company called PsychSoftPC.

According to the press release, PsychSoftPC wants gamers to be ready to game in ultra HD along with being able to do so with VR capabilities. They state…

“Psychsoftpc is serious about supporting Virtual Reality Gaming. That is why they are making Virtual Reality Ready Gaming PCs based on the NVidia Pascal GPU technology.”


“NVidia GTX GPUs powered by Pascal give next-generation VR performance, the lowest latency, and plug-and-play compatibility with leading headsets through NVIDIA VRWorks technologies. Virtual Reality audio, physics, and haptics let folks hear and feel every moment.”

Nvidia’s Pascal line of GPUs are designed specifically as solutions for the heavy demands required to play virtual reality smoothly and in high fidelity. The Pascal GPUs are also designed for ultra HD capabilities and running games at a standard of 60fps.

What’s more is that despite all the power contained within these GPUs, Nvidia has kept the new line – ushered in with the flagship GTX 1080 – both affordable and energy efficient. The GTX 1080 consumes about half as much energy as the GTX 980. A lot muscle at the expense of very little energy.

The press release goes on to wax poetics about the Pascal GPUs being DirectX 12 compliant and working well in conjunction with the rapist OS known as Windows 10.

Of course, you’re probably wondering how much these rigs costs and what you get with them.

According to the website, the Psyborg Extreme Gamer Supreme Commander PC (obviously designed to instantly put you into the upper echelon of the Glorious PC Master Race) will run you $4,800.

For the price of a cheaply made car or a year’s worth of rent living in the basement of a Bronx apartment building for illegal immigrants, you can get your hands on a gaming rig that is powered by an i7 5960X Extreme CPU, featuring two Nvidia GTX 1080 GPUs in SLI, an SLI-ready motherboard with thermal technology, on-board audio, 32GB of DDR4 RAM, a 2TB SATA hard drive, two DVDRW drives, a 1450 watt power supply, a Logitech G510 and a Logitech G500 laser gaming mouse.

You’ll be internet-ready as well with a gigabit Ethernet adapter, and a full tower case. You can also choose if you want the rapist Windows 10 Pro or a Windows 7 Pro 64-bit operating system. Surprisingly, they even offer options for a Linux OS, including the one that the SteamOS uses.

If you’re on a budget you can go with the Psyborg Initiate Gamer PC, it comes with an i5 6500, a 3.6ghz CPU, an Nvidia GTX 960 GPU, and 8GB of DDR4 RAM. The budget-priced gaming rig will run you $1,750.

Technically, the Steam Machines with Windows 10 are a heck of a lot cheaper and give you quite a bit of bang for your buck, but to each his (or her) own.

You can learn more about the VR-ready gaming PCs from PsychSoftPC by hitting up their official website, which looks like it comes right out of 1994.

(Main image courtesy of WCCF Tech)

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  • LurkerJK

    a dual 1080 sounds more like i would imagine 4k and VR gaming would need, that box will last you a while no doubts, but man you can probably build it yourself for half that price

    And the second box, oh dear, not only hilariously expensive but 8gb of
    ram ? that barely cuts it today and an additional 8gb of ram costs like
    40 usd ? could they not squeeze that into the 1750 price ? jesus, what a rip off

    Lets quickly check amazon,
    2 zoltac 1080s for $700×2
    32gb ddr4 for $140
    Supply i would have too look at brand quality but lets say $300 (1400w sounds like a lot of the 1080s consume half, im not sure how much they draw)
    cpu is $1000 (you could go down a step and pay $380 for something that would serve you just as well),
    it doesnt say but i imagine the hd is an SSD so $750 (could get a 500gb ssd + 3tb mechanic drive for $300)
    the mouse and kb are $300 ($200 for same number with an ‘s’ models, not sure the difference)
    and says nothing about mobo so lets get a good one from asus a rog rampage V edition 10 sounds expensive $600 (a less crazy one would go for $300)
    and lets add $200 more for case and a third party cooling fan

    Ok, all the CRAZY things would gives you $4690 so the first price might not be that bad, (as long as they use good brands and dont cheap out on the mobo)
    but you can easily drop that to $3000 by compromising a bit
    dropping a gpu, a cheaper supply, a and a cheaper cpu would get you under $2000

    more expensive than i was expecting actually

    • Dang, after you did that breakdown, I guess the first price isn’t too far off. That lower end model is a joke, though. There’s a Steam Machine for the same price but you get like 32GB of RAM and a GTX 980 Ti.

      • LurkerJK

        I imagine the first box is the shinny encased jewel proudly displayed that attracts the customers and is actually reasonably priced and the second one is the one they expect to actually sell and where they expect to make a difference

        It’s funny they are so stingy with the ram when its the least expensive component these days, if you are dropping 2k to 5k why would you save 80 bucks and create a very possible ram bottleneck in the near future ?

        I don’t know if this happens in the US but here if you ever bought a 5k box like that here you would get the worst brands of everything and things left out of the description like the mobo would be the worst kind you can buy, that has created trust issues on me and thats why i recommend everyone to build their own machines

        I know i quickly got to 5000 with the breakdown but i did not hunt for bargains, just waiting a bit and fishing around you can get a 25% discount on that, maybe more

        • Right now they’re using top of the line parts, so the price is going to be exorbitant, but as more affordable variations become available I can see it being knocked in half. Nvidia will likely have something a little more powerful than the 1070 but not as expensive in the 1080 announced in the next couple of months, and that’s when people can start bargaining to hit that sweet spot.

  • Gorgon