Roguelands Cheat Trainer Unlocks Infinite Health, Mana, Energy
Roguelands Cheats
(Last Updated On: June 28, 2016)

Roguelands has been trucking through development like a boss. Developers SmashGames have been working on the title since early November in 2015. The full game finally graduated from Early Access and landed on Steam on June 13th, right during the height of the E3 madness. Well, for gamers who picked up a legitimate copy of Roguelands but felt like they wanted to get an edge in combat while battling through the rogue-like, 2D, co-op RPG, there are some cheats for that.

Popular cheat trainer maker Mr. Antifun released the latest version of the trainer over on his official website.

The trainer can be activated with the F1 key, and then F2 will grant you infinite health. F3 opens up infinite mana. F4 offers you infinite energy and F5 will give you infinite items.

If you don’t want to register to download the cheat trainer for Roguelands from Mr. Antifun’s website, you can get it for free from the download page. They also offer an alternative version of Mr. Antifun’s trainer.

But wait! There’s more!

Reddit user haunteon also discovered a couple of cheats you can input by pressing tab and putting in the following key sequences to access the following items:

  • JKJKL = The Gold 15 Droid
  • LLLJK = A Platinum Badge

The Platinum Badge can be used to summon the developer Sean Young.

Additionally, if you’ve found yourself having troubles in the game with crafting basic items, YouTuber Sploopz offers a handy four minute video guide to teach you the basics of crafting. Check it out below.

For the hearing impaired, basically to get started with crafting you’ll need at least three different emblems of the same tier. Each of the emblems need to be the same tier. So if you want to craft an item you’ll need three of the same tiers such as all tier 1 or all tier 2 or all tier 3 (ad infinitum).

You get the emblems by grinding out baddies on the planet and collecting items.

When you’re inside your ship you’ll need to head to the Gear Forge. It looks like an anvil. Open up your inventory and place three different emblems of the same tier to craft items. Depending on the order you place the items in will determine what gets crafted.

Roguelands Crafting Guide

Once you’ve placed three emblems into the Gear Forge, simply press the craft button to create an item.

The video showcases how simply reordering the emblems in the Gear Forge creates vastly different items, so it’s worth experimenting with if you’re new to Roguelands.

The game is available right now for $9.99 but you can get it for 10% off the normal price for only $8.99 during the Steam summer sale. For more info feel free to hit up the Steam store page.

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