Sakura Dungeon Uncensored Version Gets A Gameplay Walkthrough

Winged Cloud has become notorious for their fan-service heavy games that push the boundaries on visual novel storytelling, lewd artwork and world building. They’ve recently taken a step further in their endeavors to evolve their creations into something more gameplay oriented. The new game Sakura Dungeon combines the classic elements of visual novel characterization and ample plot, with classic first-person dungeon crawling. Gamers looking to get a little help when it comes to tips and hints can check out a walkthrough for the game, and gamers looking to get their hands on the uncensored version can also get in on the action, too.

YouTuber Minoumimi gives gamers a look at the gameplay of Sakura Dungeon with a gameplay walkthrough, it spans a growing playlist of videos that you can check out below. The version being played contains all of the naughty artwork from the uncensored version, but the explicit bits have been covered up for YouTube viewing. There are links in the video description for each video that will take you to the uncensored version of the same walkthrough.

To view the NSFW version of the exact same playlist, it’s available through the Kaiwaiihentai website, which is also not safe for work.

The game is played using the mouse and keyboard. Players can easily move through the dungeons using W,A,S,D, and unleash various moves using a simplified combat GUI. It’s possible to guard, attack and unleash specific specials from certain monster girls on the team.

The hook for the game is that as you battle the monster girls there clothes will get ripped and you can see some naughty bits while dungeon crawling. Additionally, in between dungeon runs it’s possible to head into town and acquire new outfits and gear for the characters.

Sakura Dungeon

Players can also talk to other characters, buy items from the shop, organize the party or meet and greet with some of the captured monster girls. While venturing around town and talking to some of the characters, players will also unlock some CG images containing some of the characters in compromising positions.

Now if the only thing you care about is getting your hands on the uncensored versions so that you can experience the joys of battling and capturing monster girls without any of the pesky censorship getting in the way, Lewdgamer (a NSFW website by the way) links to the the Nutaku website (another NSFW website) where they have the uncensored version of Sakura Dungeon available for download.

The game was also recently patched so there’s a new download available for those who purchased the game through Nutaku.

The version available on that site is altered from the one you can purchase through Steam, as it shows all the naughty bits and sexually explicit artwork that Valve wouldn’t allow on the Steam version of Sakura Dungeon.

You can grab a copy of the censored version of Sakura Dungeon from over on the Steam store for $19.99. If you want to get your hands on the uncensored version of Sakura Dungeon, you can grab a copy from Nutaku download page.


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