Scorn Brings Twisted Flesh, Blood And Bones To Steam Greenlight

One of the most grotesque and ostentatious looking games to hit Steam Greenlight comes Scorn. It’s not quite like H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu work, but it does reflect a lot of H.R. Giger’s 1979 Alien concepts, which is interesting. Ebb Software’s horror action game is currently on Steam Greelight and is seeking votes.

Yes, Scorn is a very disturbing looking game that’s very dark, fleshy and raw. Ebb Software notes that the game is an action horror adventure game that explores non-linear puzzles. I’m not sure how this concept will work, but the game graphically looks pretty good.

Furthermore, the devs also note that the game will release in two parts with no DLC. Those interested in the game can read the official description below:

“Scorn is an atmospheric first person horror adventure game set in a nightmarish universe of odd forms and somber tapestry.”


“It is designed around an idea of “being thrown into the world”. Isolated and lost inside this dream-like world you will explore different interconnected regions in a non-linear fashion. The unsettling environment is a character itself.”

The weapon design and atmosphere looks unique and gross at the same time, which is a good thing in my book. I say that this is a good thing because it doesn’t look like all those other horror Cthulhu games out there, or like those cash-cow zombie survival titles.

Scorn game 2

With that said, you can check out the first somber trailer that Ebb Software put out, which runs for three minutes 22 seconds.

After watching the first trailer it reminds me of Tool’s Prison Sex video. They both emulate the same dark theme with long disturbing figures. If you want to see more of the game, you can check out its other trailer below.

Scorn is currently running on Greenlight and seeking for votes. For more information on this game or the devs you can visit Steam Greenlight, or

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