Shoppe Keep Cheat Trainer Enables Infinite Gold, EXP, Mana
(Last Updated On: June 5, 2016)

A popular game at the moment is the recently released Shoppe Keep from developer Arvydas Zemaitis. It was published by Merge Games and excited Early Access back on May 20th. Since then gamers have been piling into the game to grab it off the Steam store, but that doesn’t mean everyone is enjoying it in equal measure. Some gamers might want to blast through the title and get their wares without having to grind for them. Well, for those cheeky gamers looking to cut corners, there are some Shoppe Keep cheat trainers available to increase your EXP, add gold and keep your mana from ever running out.

Over on Cheat Happens, cheater extraordinaire and trainer mastermind Chris O’Rorke has been keeping the cheat trainers for Shoppe Keep as up to date as possible. It’s a free download that you can grab from the download page on Cheat Happens.

O’Rorke explains in the forums that you may need to purchase something, activate items or attack enemies before you can truly see the effects of the trainer in action, writing…

“This game creates the game code on the fly. Make sure to activate each option during gameplay. You may have to shoot your weapon, kill an enemy, run, jump or get some money the normal way before activating any option.”

The cheats will add gold to your inventory so you can buy all of the latest and greatest gear, supplies and furniture in which to outfit your store with. The cheat trainer also allows you to add as many skill points as you want for the bot adventurers you send out to grind for goods and resources. You can add as much experience as you want, infinite health so you never lose in combat, infinite mana so you never run out of magic, and instant Order.

As for the game itself, Shoppe Keep is a twist on the traditional adventure RPG. Instead of being the hero that goes out and slays dragons and rescues damsels (or dudes) in distress, players assume the role of a shop keeper just trying to sell their wares.

To keep the game interesting players will have to fight off goblins and skeletons, as well as thieves and vagabonds attempting to lift your goods from the shop. The object is to competitively price your wares so that people will be inclined to pay for the items you’re selling instead of trying to steal them.

You can get an idea of what the gameplay is like with the video below from AlChestBreach.

You sell items, upgrade your store, buy resources to upgrade your items, and sell more items. It’s the ultimate retail management simulator, except you don’t have to worry about some fat cat on Wall Street busting a financial nut in the wrong investment and causing your pension to go down the drain, forcing your daughter to have to give out orally fixated lip exercises on male genitalia to pay her way through college, and requiring your son to drop small bags that could be mistaken for sugar into the back pockets of businessmen, all while you drink yourself into debt.

The game itself is still riddled with bugs and glitches based on the user reviews on Steam, but that hasn’t stopped it from selling tens of thousands of copies. If you’re interested in becoming a hardcore shopkeeper, selling wares like Billy Mays incarnate, feel free to pick up a digital copy from the Steam store, where the game is selling for $9.99.

If you want to learn more about Shoppe Keep, be sure to pay a visit to the official IndieDB page.

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