SPACE – Future Of Work Lets You Manage Your Desktop In Virtual Reality

I’ll be honest, I don’t really like  VR headsets and I’m not really buying into all the hype and craze that we should buy them. I spend a lot of time on Steam Greenlight, and the combination of VR and Greenlight together will make you go mad with all the trash you find there; but SPACE – Future Of Work actually looks like a pretty cool concept.

SPACE – Future Of Work  is not a game, but it is a VR program developed by Pygmal. In simple terms, it takes your computer desktop and puts it in a large open 3D virtual space that allows you to customize and rearrange all of your content to increase workflow, multitasking, and moving documents around with ease. Since you will have the VR headset on, it will enlarge the screen into a full high definition environment, where you can easily access all your content by simply turning your head to look at it.

Space - future of work 2

Do you currently have three large monitors set up for your gaming or work environment? Are you a coder, game developer, or programmer where you use multiple screens and windows to manage all of your content? SPACE – Future Of Work  helps you with that, so once you put the VR headset on, you have several windows and monitors within the virtual space to help you do your work. You can also change the environment and scenery to your liking so that you can be somewhere enjoyable instead of being stuck in the same old room all day.

The cool part is that you are running your desktop with the VR headset on, so essentially you could still use it to play games, watch movies, or go about your other daily tasks while also using the other side screens and windows to monitor work, watch a live stream, or have your debug code for programming on the side all at the same time.

Describing it is one thing, but actually seeing it is what won me over, because it actually seems like a pretty cool tool to have for people that multitask a lot. I currently have three desktop windows open, with nine Google Chrome tabs running on my browser. On a busy day, it can get annoying switching between all the different tabs and windows and keeping track of it all, so I can see how SPACE – Future Of Work  could really help people like me. Take a look at the trailer that I linked down below to see how it all works.

The beta version for SPACE – Future Of Work  is planned to be free when it releases on June 28th of 2016, but further details about pricing or a launch date for the full version hasn’t been released yet. SPACE – Future Of Work  will also be available for both the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift.

Currently, the developers are trying to get their program onto Steam, but first they need help getting voted through Steam Greenlight, so if you are interested you can follow the link to learn more. For additional information about how this cool little tool works, you can visit their official website for further details.


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