Street Fighter 5 All-In-One Nude Mod Compiles The Best Mods Into One

Street Fighter 5 Nude Mod

The Street Fighter V modding scene continues to grow and expand, adding all sorts of cool new features to the game. Some modders have overhauled Ken to make him look closer to his Street Fighter Alpha days. Others have taken the liberty of recreating classic characters from other properties in Street Fighter V, like xHECZx putting Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury into Street Fighter V as a replacement for Ken Masters.

Terry Bogard X Ken Masters by xHECZx on DeviantArt

But then there are others who are more interested in the more deviant forms of play. They would prefer striking the iron of controversy, and chiseling out a legacy in the glory of tantalization, I’m talking about those rare few who challenge themselves by making nude mods.

While some primitive nude mods originally came out shortly after Street Fighter V released back in February, modders have been hard at work on advancing the process, honing their skills, and hewing a more detailed depiction of the female characters in Capcom’s fighting game. Not just any kind of depiction… birthday suit depictions.

Over on the Zetaboards, user -xyz has been compiling nude mods to create a compilation pack that makes it easy for gamers to get their hands on the mods they want, when they want them, how they want them. The all-in-one female nude pack is mod manager compatible, and contains nude Cammy, nude Laura, nude Rainbow Mika, nude Chun-Li, nude Karin, and nude Nadeshiko.

The mods were put together by TerryXX and maliwei777. They’re still iterating and working hard on new mods for the community, but as the finished products get released to the public, others are adding them to the compilation pack for safe keeping and easy access.

Now not everyone enjoys nude mods. Some games journalists think that nude mods keep female gamers out of the community, and that males being sexually attracted to females prevents the FGC from growing. Can you believe that? Men being attracted to women keeps women from joining the community? It’s almost like some of these regressive types hate natural selection and biology.

Anyway, you can download the all-in-one compilation pack for the PC version of Street Fighter V by grabbing the 77MB file from over on Mega.

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