Street Fighter 5 Summer DLC Sees Chun-Li, Cammy And Karin In Bikinis
(Last Updated On: July 4, 2016)

Data miners have gone on ahead and leaked some upcoming DLC set to arrive for Street Fighter V. Capcom apparently has plans on going the route of Dead or Alive Xtreme 3, offering summer bikini DLC as a way to keep parched and thirsty gamers whetted and quenched.

Eventhubs picked up the news from modders posting up the bikini DLC for Chun-Li, Cammy, Karin and Laura. You can check out the three minute video courtesy of Street Fighter V Mods.

Chun-Li looks loaded.

While game journalists may be yelling and screaming about “sexism!” this and “misogyny!” that, at the end of the day Capcom knows where the money is and that’s because capitalism wins out in the industry. Thirsty gamers are willing to spend more than whiny SJWs and this upcoming summer swimsuit DLC for Street Fighter V proves as much.

Street Fighter 5 Rival Schools

Also, at the 32 second mark in the video up above, is that Tiffany Lords from Rival Schools?

Anyway, the video rounds out with a look at Rainbow Mika in her outfit and Karin in her very tight-fitting bikini. Her intro says more than typed words ever could.

Cammy ends things in her battle bikini, featuring some strap-up utility pouches loosely hanging around a two piece suit that looks more like sports wear than typical swimwear.

Street Fighter 5 Summer DLC

Essentially Capcom seems to be saying “Screw you!” to the SJWs with this new bit of Street Fighter V DLC. It’s risque, it’s form fitting and it most certainly highlights the boob jiggling physics, especially for Karin and Chun-Li.

I wouldn’t doubt if we begin to see this method applied more often with certain games that capture mainstream appeal: promote it with a bunch of straight-laced content and then later roll out a bunch of DLC featuring bouncy, buxom outfits.

They don’t give an ETA on when the summer DLC for Street Fighter V will be made available, but it’ll likely arrive shortly after the July 1st story mode update.

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  • John Smith.

    Why does every girl except Cammy look so fat in that trailer?

  • DDD-kun

    Putting Tiffany or Hinata in the game would sell me.

  • ScarredBushido

    im still salty as fuck at what did with juri. to me this is them trying to please two crowds…but you really can’t do that.

    • If Capcom sticks to their current methodology, I get the feeling that Juri will have some additional DLC outfits that will make noses bleed. They seem to have done the same thing with the rest of the characters.

      Announcement clothes = keep the SJWs off their backs.
      DLC/secondary clothes = quench the thirst of gamers.

      • ScarredBushido

        and since its capcom you are probably right lol

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    Why is Capcom so inconsistent with their censorship?

    • Not really inconsistent, just smart.

      To the wider public they put on the act that they’re all about covering up the women and respecting safe spaces (i.e., because shapely boobs, thighs and butts on females are obviously offensive to SJWs). So for all the mainstream media hype leading up to release for those initial sales they tried playing to the SJW crowd in a way, even giving them plenty of “Hot” Ryu.

      Sales did not meet expectations.

      Their main goal now is to make bank through DLC by catering to their real audience. They know they can milk FGC members and hardcore gamers with sexy-time DLC. So that’s what they’re doing.

      Is it two-faced and stupid? Yes.

      Do they avoid backlash from most SJW media outlets? Mostly.

      Do they get to make money on the backend from thirsty gamers with bikini DLC? Absolutely.

      Minimal backlash with long term sales potential. They played the community like a fiddle.

  • C G Saturation

    Can’t help but feel sad that fighters nowadays seem to be more about flashy visuals like DLC costumes. I’m still fine playing the old 2d fighters, which are better overall.

  • Reaper of Salt

    And I thought Crapcom said this was suppose to be a “family-friendly” game lol.

  • This kind of thing gives me some hope that Capcom haven’t fully turned SJW-feminist yet.

    Or maybe even the tide is turning, at last? The likes of Kotaku and Polygon will probably make a lot of snide digs at it if they come across the bikini DLCs, but their feminism is not as influential as it once was back in late-2013 and 2014.