Street Fighter 5 Trailer Reveals Balrog, Juri And Urien

Thanks to the latest Street Fighter 5 trailer dedicated to Balrog we get to see glimpses of both Juri and Urien. The well known boxer from the ongoing series takes most of the screen time, and will be playable the beginning of July for PC and PS4.

Adding on to the news, not only do we get to see Juri and Urien make an appearance at the end of Barlrog’s trailer, a new cinematic quest will also step aboard the update train next week. This means that folks will finally be able to play Balrog and Ibuki, which have been delayed, and enjoy the cinematic adventure on July 1st.

It should come in as no surprise to those who’ve been following Street Fighter 5 and all of its news and leaks that all of the above characters mentioned will be making an appearance in game one day. In addition, that one day is finally nearing and brought a trailer ahead of the update to fill folks in on the upcoming characters.

You can check out all of Balrog’s moves and the other special guest fighters in his trailer, courtesy of Street Fighter‘s YouTube channel.

Balrog looks like he has some hard hitting moves that if not careful could lead to the player being open to their counterparts attacks. With that said, he will be playable on July 1st, along with Ibuki and the cinematic quest. I’m not sure if Juri and Urien will tag along too on July 1st, or if they will come later? However Capcom does it, we now know that they will have an official spot in the roster.

If you are excited about Juri and her eye-patch and Urien in his suit  (although I think they will both sport their original customs as alts once unlocked) I’m sure more info on them will appear as July 1st approaches with Balrog and Ibuki, tagging along with the new cinematic quest.


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