Summer Lesson, VR Sim Skipping America To Avoid SJW Backlash
(Last Updated On: June 16, 2016)

Katsuhiro Harada from Namco – most famously known for being the producer of the Tekken series – was briefly interviewed by Siliconera during the E3 chaos in Los Angeles, California. He revealed that the virtual reality flirting simulator called Summer Lesson would not be coming to the West for fear of backlash from Social Justice Warriors.

Talking with Siliconera, Harada first mentions that one of the main reasons why the game won’t be coming to any region outside of Japan is lip-syncing. It’s difficult to match the lips with the different languages and it would be a lot of work. But another issue is that he wanted to avoid people complaining about skin color, race and all the social issues that come with it. Harada explains…

“[…] when you think about the current game situation and the climate in different countries where you have to have characters from every different race or nationality, someone else would say ‘mine is not included,’ which is the climate we currently see with games. Since there are people who can’t set aside the game and the actual problems in society, I don’t want open that can of worms.”

We’ve seen this happen recently with other Japanese titles not coming to the West, including the infamous scenario involving Koei Tecmo’s Dead or Alive Xtreme 3, which was not released in America or Europe for the PS Vita and PS4 because Koei Tecmo revealed that they were afraid of gender politics in media disrupting the promotion and sales of the game. Even though the game didn’t release in the West, some game journalists still attacked Play-Asia for supporting Koei Tecmo in allowing Americans and Europeans to import the game.

Furthermore, the media tried to spin it as if no one outside of Japan would buy Dead or Alive Xtreme 3.

It turns out that Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 was the fastest selling import game in the history of Play-Asia and Koei Tecmo reported record sales outside of Japan, as reported by DualShockers.

In this case, it makes sense that a niche title centered around flirting with a student would possibly draw the ire of certain groups here in the West. You can check out a demo from 2015 to give you an idea of what it’s like.

When it was first announced back in 2014 it was met with a lot of intrigue and generally favorable impressions from the media.

However, the prescience from the parody site P4R Gaming was right on point way back in 2014, as they joked that the  Japanese health ministry wanted to prevent the game from releasing on the PlayStation VR because it would “destroy the population”.

Well, in some ways their article did come to pass because Harada doesn’t seem to want to go down the road of resistance, lined with the protectors of cultural sensitivity and the social warriors of justice.

Unless fans really speak up and make their voices heard to Bandai Namco (possibly through their Twitter account), Summer Lesson will release exclusively in Japan. The individuals commenting on the Siliconera article have already resolved to import the game.

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  • Alistair

    Wow 4 months i can’t believe i missed this news worthy of my time.

    Better late then never. Im thankful he spoke his mind that about SJWs regression letist bullying even though he didn’t mention the word bullying.

    & I Don’t expected he will but it quite clear who he going on about.

    But it pains me to say this devs who refuse to localization a game because of backlash is a Coward. He a lessen Coward because he told the real reason.

    The thought of devs like IFI and KT Won’t release a game will like magic change SJWs views on those games Won’t happen.

    So what the answer impessed SJWs with lessen impact uncensored games like hyperD neptrue. Or a heavy censored game none of those i want to see.

  • Jackopo Zeict
  • Shelly the kid

    So? Nobody is reporting that a Germany movie theater had a mass shooting and yet people are pissed over a stupid VR video game!

    What’s wrong with you idiots!

    • Huh? This is a video game website. And yeah, I did read about that earlier on a foreign website. They don’t seem to be reporting about it much on American sites. That seems a bit far outside the scope of OAG.

      • Shelly the kid

        I’m going to watch porn and bootleg those Japanese porn games. Language barrier be dammed! I just wanna rap to hentai! XD

  • Audie Bakerson

    I told you to learn Nipponese! Why didn’t you listen!

  • Azure

    Hopefully an English-Asian version will be available for importing as DoaX3 did quite well.

  • polygarix

    Don’t worry, I’ll make one. I’m not afraid of SJW, I created My Virtual Girlfriend. Been planning to do a better version on VR platforms anyway.

    • Those in the gaming community salute you, sir.

  • This a good thing.

    The more Japanese developers/companies refuse to bring their games over to the West (because of SJWs), the more people see this and the more normies will wake up and speak out against it.

    And that’s the most important thing – to make the ‘normies’ aware and wake up to the bullshit that’s going on.

    If anything, significant Japanese devs NEED to keep refusing to bring their games over to the West just to really hammer home that point that SJWs/feminists are nothing more than a cancer in the video games media and industry. If it’s at the expense of a few Japanese titles then so be it.

    Harada has played this spot-on. Made the comment about the social climates of different countries (a stab at the USA) but kept it held back that it doesn’t pinpoint the SJWs/feminists (which if he did that, he’ll be lynch-mobbed by them).

    In short: shame the game will not make it to the West, but perhaps the beginning of cutting the tumour out of video games.

    • C G Saturation

      I think it’s great that Harada came out and explained exactly why. The more JP devs that do this, the less that SJWs can keep insisting “we have no power and don’t exist” or that “Japanese devs refusing to port games because of SJW bullying is clearly false!”

      • I wonder what Jim Sterling and Anita Sarkeesian has to say about this?

        • C G Saturation

          I notice Harada did say in the article that he will think about it if there are enough fans. Also sort of interesting he didn’t mention feminists complaining about female characters being objectified. Either he didn’t consider it, or didn’t want to even touch that can of worms.

        • Sevuz

          Bitch and whine as they always do

        • Nanya

          “She doesn’t have an army of Evil Feminist mutants who want to take your games away.” – Movieblob back in 2011

          • scemar

            Well, that’s a very obvious lie, anyone familiar with feminism would know

          • Brian Hull

            then it turned out that was ALL she had lol…

        • YERMOM182

          they will claim victory

          • That is exactly correct. So this is not a “good thing”, it is what the other side winning looks like.

      • scemar

        Damn right, more of them need to speak up

        this situation can be summed up as “japanese game market victim of organized bullying tactics by western mainstream media clique”

        it’s not an illegal situation, the media is in all their right to trash talk and bad mouth them if they want, but they have to owe up to what they are doing

        the situation cannot be denied anymore, if they want to be the hateful bigot media that they’ve become, the kind that constantly hates on games over violence or sexism or xenophobia, they can’t claim to not be attempting to hurt parts of the industry anymore

        they may attempt to spin it, so they might try to justify what they do, and say the violent or sexy games are evil and deserve to have their PR destroyed by the media and their western market denied, but that would be a big step in the right direction for the narrative

    • Sevuz

      Well that’s why we have import websites 😉

    • Feniks

      Pathetic nerds we’re not going to take your games away. Lol.


  • C G Saturation

    I’d be surprised if anyone expected otherwise.

    He’s right though, I wouldn’t want to deal with that bullshit either. Over the years, I’ve considered many times that if I were to finish making and sell a game, it’d be so much easier to just avoid the West entirely.

    Sure, I’d be losing out on potential profits. But some of us don’t make games solely for the money. We do it because we want to share our work and have other people enjoy it… we don’t want angry mobs getting all offended over nothing, and then try to completely destroy our livelihoods for “social justice”.

    The lipsync thing… last I heard, there are auto-lipsync tools out there. No idea how accurate they are now. Localization could do the cleanup.

    And I’m probably the only person who wants to play as that girl, instead of just looking at her in first person. More protagonists like her would be nice.

    • About the lipsync… last I heard, there are auto-lipsync tools out
      there. No idea how accurate they are now. Localization could do the

      Baffled me too when he made that comment because there are middleware tools made specifically for this. However, they could be using tech that’s not compatible with the tools and they might have wanted to manually synch the lips since that tech isn’t always accurate to what’s being said (which is pretty obvious in a lot of BioWare titles and other large-scale RPGs that utilize that tech).

      • polygarix

        The lip sync is really a non issue. We use “phenomes” to animate mouth movement. An algorithm recognizes mouth sounds and plays the corresponding mouth animation frame and blends between the frames. This is how nearly all modern games do it. They don’t hand animate the characters mouth movements to match the dialog, it would be far too much work, and dialogs get changed too often, re-written during development.

        • scemar

          So do you think it might have been a fake excuse he gave?

          • C G Saturation

            Possibly, since it doesn’t really make much sense. Maybe the translator screwed up or something?

        • C G Saturation

          That’s what I thought. I haven’t used any of the tools recently, so I’ve no idea how much cleanup is required now.

  • LurkerJK

    Oh come on, i was just WAITING for the moment reviewers would start trying to look up their skirts and down their cleavage

    • C G Saturation

      They’re too busy feeling proud about getting yet another game cancelled from Western localization via their clickbait social justice agenda of lies. Real diverse.

      • …or too busy setting up their next casting couch scam to have sex with unassuming girls, after they get them too drunk to resist.

      • scemar

        You know this is quite a huge point, one that deserves to be voiced more

        but the right way to present it hasn’t appeared yet

        these SJW who pretend to champion the weak and under privileged are actually doing (or at least attempting to do, and evidently, they are succeeding on some level already) is horrible

        they are effectively damaging the small and struggling foreign market of japanese games, they are harassing the japanese artists and trying to stop them from making a living, and in the worst cases they want to outright wipe them out of existence

        one that pretends to be the champion of the under privileged cannot also be their biggest enemy, it just doesn’t work that way and they haven’t been called out on that enough for it to start hurting them

  • scemar

    This might be a lot of wishful thinking on my part but Harada is a known troll who enjoys teasing people with this kind of stuff

    remember lucky chloe, and his proposed western version, generic western bald manly soldier#149 ?

    a part of japanese culture and indeed the mindset and behavior many of them follow is to avoid direct confrontation, but going around it, that doesn’t mean being dumb or ignorant

    check out what I mean, he’s really clever
    first he gives us the missdirection, the lip sync issue, and then he immediately switches to the SJW matter, not leaving us time to actually think about the lip sync reasoning
    were they even going to dub the game for every language?
    part of the game features a japanese girl learning english, the other part focuses on an american student learning japanese, and most games only get an english dub at best, so what lip synch issue is he talking about?

    he didn’t outright go right on to the SJW matter, he presented an alternative first and then more casually let the SJW slide second, it was an indirect hit

    all the attention is actually meant to be focused on the second point

    this is a clever way of warning people, crying for help, and perhaps also a rallying shout for the fans

    there are 3 points he lays down

    the first two are very negative

    1-they are aware of all the SJW media generated outrages happening

    2-they have indeed become a problem that can actually stop japanese companies from bringing their games overseas

    but then he drops us the third point, hope

    if there’s popular demand for the game, anything is possible, after all that is how the game came to be in the first place

    he isn’t saying he wants fans to want the game, he wants fans to demand it, openly, vocally, and loud

    3- japanese games can make it to the west, but the fans have to generate some positive buzz for the game

    why would they need people to openly demand the game release?

    because if negative buzz is the problem, then positive buzz is the counter balance
    in the world of corporate PR buzz matters a lot
    the SJW have infested and controlled most gaming media, they have their negative buzz canons ready to fire

    Harada is giving fans an option to fight that with positive buzz of their own so maybe the game can be released in the west

    and that doesn’t just mean arguing on the internet, that can also include fun content like memes or fanart

    it’s all part of the cultural war going on

    • C G Saturation

      Lucky Chloe being turned into a generic soldier (with her inside) was awesome. He totally should have made that a reality.

  • Michael P


    Anyone know if there’ll be subtitles in the Japanese version? I prefer the Japanese version of the featured waifu anyway so it’d be a win/win for me.

    • C G Saturation

      I doubt it, but maybe if the PS4 gets jailbroken in a few years, someone will make a translation patch… or something.

      • Michael P

        I took Japanese in high school too but did I pay attention? Of course I didn’t!

        My kingdom for a time machine.

        • C G Saturation

          There are a bunch of ways to learn Japanese now. Various online tools, learning websites, etc. It seems to be a very popular language. Rikaichan plugin for browsers, Google Translate, JWPCE with a dictionary, Kanjitomo for OCR kanji look-up… the list goes on and on. You can also draw letters into Google Translate.

          I started learning it on my own before high school, and then spent my class time drawing. Teacher hated my doing that, said it was discouraging the other students. Well, they could have learned it outside school like I did!

          • Michael P

            Hm, how long did it take you to get a basic grasp of the language? I’ve heard it’s one of the easier languages to learn but I’m an old dog and you know what they say.

    • LurkerJK

      I am not sure this game would be playable with subtitles, everyone says text is hard to read with VR

      • Michael P

        Well that sucks but if it doesn’t really work for VR then it is what it is. And yeah, the English dubs were for the demo only 🙁

  • Some furf