Surgeon Simulator Makes Surgery Great Again With Donald Trump DLC

The headline writes itself… mostly because that’s what developer Bossa Studios wrote on the update page for the new, free DLC featuring Presidential hopeful, Donald J. Trump. The DLC allows players to conduct surgery on The Donald, replacing his hair, tugging at his ego-hewn hair, and possibly making him the new gold standard for what a President should be.

Gamespot picked up the news from a post over on the official Steam page, where the team jokingly writes…

“‘Inside Donald Trump’ allows you to step into the hands of a master surgeon, dedicated to saving Mr Trump’s life by replacing his ailing heart – but will you replace it with a heart of gold, or a heart of stone? THE CHOICE IS YOURS!


“There are lots of new professional-grade medical tools to help you with your surgery; you can ease Donald’s medicated sleep using Trump Vodka, gently caress him with a meaty Trump Steak or loosen his organs with the Trump Tower, plus a few other Trump-related surprises (some of them involving hands).”


There are some sick burns in the comment section of the Gamespot article on Hillary Clinton, but given how left-leaning today’s media is, don’t expect to see Clinton headlining any DLC anytime soon. Let’s also not forget that featuring Hillary in anything less than an exemplary role of representing her status as a high profile politician could easily be misconstrued (and misconveyed) by the media as an attack on Hillary and an act of misogyny.

Five years ago I could have written that previous paragraph with a smirk on my face and a comment section full of Liberals debating about how they advocate freedom of expression and how Conservatives attempt to repress speech. Today that paragraph is written with the somber realization that the actual reality is that censorship and far-left regressive media antics are the norm. A real shame.

Anyway, if you don’t take politics too seriously you can at least have a bit of fun at the expense of Trump in Surgeon Simulator. The DLC is free to anyone who already owns the Anniversary Edition of Surgeon Simulator or you can pick up a copy of the Anniversary Edition for $2.59 from the Steam store right now during an 80% discount on the game in celebration of the new Trump DLC. Alternatively, you can get the Donald Trump DLC for $2.99 separately, or during the 80% discount for only $0.59.

The Surgeon Simulator DLC featuring Donald Trump is only available for PC. Tough luck PS4 owners, it looks like surgery won’t be made great again… for you.