Surgeon Simulator Makes Surgery Great Again With Donald Trump DLC
(Last Updated On: June 3, 2016)

The headline writes itself… mostly because that’s what developer Bossa Studios wrote on the update page for the new, free DLC featuring Presidential hopeful, Donald J. Trump. The DLC allows players to conduct surgery on The Donald, replacing his hair, tugging at his ego-hewn hair, and possibly making him the new gold standard for what a President should be.

Gamespot picked up the news from a post over on the official Steam page, where the team jokingly writes…

“‘Inside Donald Trump’ allows you to step into the hands of a master surgeon, dedicated to saving Mr Trump’s life by replacing his ailing heart – but will you replace it with a heart of gold, or a heart of stone? THE CHOICE IS YOURS!


“There are lots of new professional-grade medical tools to help you with your surgery; you can ease Donald’s medicated sleep using Trump Vodka, gently caress him with a meaty Trump Steak or loosen his organs with the Trump Tower, plus a few other Trump-related surprises (some of them involving hands).”


There are some sick burns in the comment section of the Gamespot article on Hillary Clinton, but given how left-leaning today’s media is, don’t expect to see Clinton headlining any DLC anytime soon. Let’s also not forget that featuring Hillary in anything less than an exemplary role of representing her status as a high profile politician could easily be misconstrued (and misconveyed) by the media as an attack on Hillary and an act of misogyny.

Five years ago I could have written that previous paragraph with a smirk on my face and a comment section full of Liberals debating about how they advocate freedom of expression and how Conservatives attempt to repress speech. Today that paragraph is written with the somber realization that the actual reality is that censorship and far-left regressive media antics are the norm. A real shame.

Anyway, if you don’t take politics too seriously you can at least have a bit of fun at the expense of Trump in Surgeon Simulator. The DLC is free to anyone who already owns the Anniversary Edition of Surgeon Simulator or you can pick up a copy of the Anniversary Edition for $2.59 from the Steam store right now during an 80% discount on the game in celebration of the new Trump DLC. Alternatively, you can get the Donald Trump DLC for $2.99 separately, or during the 80% discount for only $0.59.

The Surgeon Simulator DLC featuring Donald Trump is only available for PC. Tough luck PS4 owners, it looks like surgery won’t be made great again… for you.

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  • Reaper of Salt

    I thought this was actually pretty funny. Shame we can’t do a surgery simulation on Hit-lary Clinton anytime soon. And I can think of an endless list of SJW’s and Feminazis I’d like to perform surgery simulations on for the lulz as Ben Carson.

  • C G Saturation

    I think it’s funny, but also strange that they can use his face without permission. Not sure if that constitutes “fair use”.

    In general, I also find it sad people won’t even give Trump a chance, they’re all openly calling for his death (which I’m pretty sure is illegal). If they don’t like him, then don’t vote for him. If he does suck as much as they believe, then they can impeach him after he screws up.

    It reminds me of how people were showering Halo 2 with glowing reviews a few years before it was even released. Then it came out and turned out to be garbage. People have terrible lack of foresight. It’s ridiculous that they make such serious judgments long before anyone knows what will actually happen.

    I’ve seen people claiming Trump “will do terrible things” that the current administration is already doing right now. I personally feel that people who have no idea what is even happening in the world shouldn’t be allowed to influence decisions that may significantly affect all of us. I mean, I personally don’t take action if I feel I’m not knowledgeable enough to do so.

    • scemar

      Keep digging into the world of international politics.
      It gets more interesting.

    • LurkerJK

      I live in Argentina, just to color my country think that what you consider “extreme left” might be considered “center” or even “right” here, that is how far we went into that rabbit hole, we have had free health care (couldnt find the year, too many reforms, but since i was born at least) and free high level education (since 1949) in place , you dont even need to be a citizen to have access to them, of course debt is sky high and quality of all services have been going downhill since before i was born, (sped up considerably in the 2000s, public universities are just a mess of outdated learning plans and crazy leftist student centers that control everything)

      We recently had a president election where the guy who won had a very similar relationship with the media as Trump, well, with the exception that he doesnt say ourageous things so they have even less material to show when declaring him literal Hitler and has surrounded himself with ppl too left leaning for my taste (as i said before my country is very left leaning, he thought he would not win without them … he might been right as much as i dont like saying it)

      Even after he won, the media keeps bashing him over and over again, it has barely been 6 months since he took office (the previous goverment left a GARGANTUAN MESS btw, debts everywhere, 0 investment on infrastructure, lies about statistics everywhere, etc) and they are declaring his government a failure already, it just doesnt stop, you know what stopped ? ppl watching the media

      Most normal ppl just dont give a shit, they want to go on with their lives, i have sensed an increased feeling of apathy towards politics from everyone, the younger crowd because they grew up hearing so much shit about politicians they just dont believe the state exists for them and the older crowd because they have been screwed over so many times already that they dont think anything could ever be different, they already voted, they made their choice and they dont want to think about it again until next election

      So what i am trying to say is, consider that the media is what you hear because its the channel you get your information from, they are not the majority, in fact they have separated themselves from the “real world” so much that they dont know what it is anymore, dont let what they say depress you, it is not what most ppl think, its only what a crazed minority thinks, they scream louder than most but they do not have the numbers to back them up in elections, politicians pander to them because of how loud they scream, there havent been an election since the whole SJW turned the dial up to 11, its time to show politicians what you think about them

      Let me reassure you, once the polls crush them they will get the message and stop pandering to them very quickly, the media might keep kicking and screaming but that will just herald their early death and accelerating the coming of new media

      • (the previous government just stopped measuring poorness for several years, they said it was “stigmatizing them” by pointing it out)

        That sounds crazy but not so crazy that I couldn’t see the regressives on the left actually saying that.

        Is this documented anywhere? Because once people start messing with the numbers it gets harder to detect what’s actually the truth.

        • LurkerJK

          Here I’ll translate the minister’s quote, (Kicillof was the finance minister and president’s number one btw)

          “Cuántos pobres hay es una pregunta bastante complicada. Yo no tengo el número de pobres, me parece que es una medida bastante estigmatizante”
          How many poor people are out there is a very complicated question. I don’t have the number of poor people, i think its a very stigmatizating measurement”

          He said this when the media asked him why the government stopped publishing poverty numbers and statistics after December 2013

          They stopped because even after they doctored the methods they were starting to drop too much to keep their “everything is excelent, we are better than ever” statement, one of the first things that government did was inserting a loyalist into the official statistics office and start changing methods and numbers to make everything look better, it was know by everyone but the justice system looked the other way (like they always do, our justice SUCKS) and the legislative opposition had no power to do much about it (why that happened is a very complicated matter, to resume, the opposition kept fighting each other while the government ate key positions that pretty much froze congress and allowed the government to do everything by decree or what you guys call “executive orders”)

          • One of the first things that government did was inserting a loyalist into the official statistics office and started changing methods and doing “creative accounting” to make everything look better,

            Freaking balls.

            Is there anyone in the media who at least calls them on this? Once the stats get muddled like that then it could instantly destroy any roadmap for efficiently (re)building institutional infrastructure. That’s the most retarded thing politicians could do.

          • LurkerJK

            It was mentioned repeatedly and often, not really did much, while not all the media was in the goverment’s pocket they were ideologically aligned and they hated the main guy in the opposition (the guy that won last year) with the same passion as your media hates Trump so they didnt seem to want to be too hard with them

            like i said before, the justice power did nothing and the congress was frozen by their own stupidity so they had a blank check to do whatever

            Just like you imagined this kind of politics driven economics had little success (more like almost completely destroyed the country, but since we nowhere near as bad as Venezuela i should count myself lucky, a few more years of those guys would have gotten us there)

            It was a combination of hubris what got them in the end, they had no allies, they treated everyone like shit, everyone was bullied into supporting them, so when the economy took a dive as grains and petroleum lost value the past few years they finally lost support, while they were arrogantly though they would win the election for sure they did not spend as much in fraud as in previous elections (they did try a few things that blew up in their faces like lowering the voting age to 16 because they thought young ppl would vote for them but they ended up not voting or voting the same as their parents, younglings give no shits about politics)

          • C G Saturation

            “Regressives seem to think that changing perception of reality is as good as changing reality itself”
            ^ This is a very accurate description of them.

          • scemar

            ah, good old manipulating of statistics, one of the most basic basic and common tricks

            simple, effective and it isn’t really illegal in most cases, as long as they do it lawfully, change a question, change the answer, change one small word in the fine print and you get the right results to show

          • C G Saturation

            Yeah. I always question when people start quoting statistics. It always feels like there’s heavy confirmation bias everywhere. People don’t want to know the facts, they just want to make shit up for personal profit and good feels.

          • LurkerJK

            The best statistics are the ones with absolute numbers and nothing to compare them to

            Today we have our newish neofem movement trying to kick up a storm (apparently trying to push for abortion but they dont mention it openly since it would be frown at) and they go “omg, 275 women died by violence from men last year, FEMICIDE!” ok, how many men died by violence from men ? nope that number is not there, well how the fuck do i know if 275 is a lot or nothing at all?, and where the heck did you find that number?, it was 75 last time you were trying to grab headlines

          • scemar

            There’s a branch of political science entirely dedicated to the art of leading statistic results towards the desired results.

      • C G Saturation

        Thanks for the long post. Agreed with everything you said, I think.

  • scemar

    It’s funny because he’s by far the healthiest of all 3 candidates.

    Bernie is like a hundred years old and Hillary has to take a ton of meds to barely keep functioning.

    Meanwhile Trump takes no alcohol, no drugs, no nothing. The man seems to run on pure will power and physical patriotism.

    Scott Adams even calls Hillary a chemical cyborg over all that drug dependancy

  • Muten

    L O L

    • Ethan42

      Is that a vapor wave aesthetic reference?