Total War: Warhammer Chaos Army Guide

One of the most powerful factions in Total War: Warhammer is the Chaos faction. It was originally supposed to be pre-order only DLC but there was such a fuss kicked up due to their popularity that Creative Assembly ended up allowing gamers to get their hands on the Chaos faction during the first week of release of Total War: Warhammer… for free. Well, if you’re curious as to why people think they’re such a powerful and cool faction to play, there’s a Total War: Warhammer Chaos army guide that details the units, their stats and their special abilities.

YouTuber Loki Doki put together a 17 video playlist featuring every single one of the playable units on the Chaos side within Total War: Warhammer. It’s a comprehensive playlist featuring each unit in battle so you not only get to see how well they perform when running the numbers, but you also get to see them duke it out on the battlefield as well. Check out the playlist below.

The list starts with the Chaos Fire Sorcerer and Chaos Fire Sorcerer Lord, both feature 100 armor points, along with 60 leadership and 315 weapon strength. According to the video the difference between the two is that the Lord has slightly different spells, including additional ally buffs and enemy debuffs.

The near 10 minute video below there’s a roll out of the different spells and what differentiates the Chaos Fire Sorcerer from the Fire Sorcerer Lord. Majority of their attacks are centered around high-damage, high-range attacks, although be warned that some of the AOE damage attacks will also harm your ally troops if some of the magic is cast too close.

The next on the list is the Chaos Metal Magic Sorcerer and the upgraded version of the unit, the Sorcerer Lord. The Chaos uses three different types of magic, including Metal, Death and Fire.

Both of the units have very similar stats, with spellcaster and armored bonuses, including 100 armor points, just-above average leadership, medium speed, above-average attack and defense, and a 315 weapon strength output. The Metal Magic Sorcerers have both buffs and debuffs, some of their buffs include raising the hit-point output against armored units, which is perfect when going against a lot of the Dwarf units. Additionally they have both single and multiple unit magic attacks that can disrupt enemy units. Very similar to the Fire Sorcerers, the Metal Magic Sorcerers still need to be wary of AOE attacks and vortex spells to avoid harming allies. You can see both the Chaos Metal Sorcerer and the Chaos Metal Sorcerer Lord in action with the video below.

Up next is the Chaos Death Sorcerer and the Chaos Death Sorcerer Lord. Just like the other two Sorcerer units, they have the spellcaster and armored bonuses, along with high armor points, moderate speed, melee and defensive abilities, along with the 315 weapon strength stat. The Lord version of the Death Sorcerer gets slightly more defense and attack bonuses.

Their magic abilities center around life draining, AOE attacks, vex attacks and disruption attacks. They can use the Purple Vortex, which moves around randomly on the field and disrupts enemy units, but be warned that it can also affect ally troops as well. They have leadership vex magic that can debuff leadership points by negative 16 points. Soulblight is very similar, except it also debuffs weapon damage, armor damage and armor points. Spirit Leech is a direct damage attack that is great for directly taking out single units, along with The Fate of Bjuna, which is another single-unit attack that can be cast within 100 meters. The major difference between the Death Sorcerer and Death Sorcerer Lord is that the Lord gets additional self-buffs. You can check out the two units below.

Up next is Chosen units, which come in the form of the halberd versions and the great weapons version, which don’t have shields. They each get armored bonuses; the halberd version gets an anti-large bonus and an armored-piercing units, along with a charge bonus against cavalry. Their stats are pretty high, with their armor being 115, they have high leadership at 70 and 75, as well as low speed, and above average melee attack and defense. You can see the three different variations of the Chosen units in action with the video below.

The next unit in the list is the Chaos Warriors. These are the basic units from the Chaos faction that will do all of the heavy lifting and grunt work during a battle. They get armored bonuses while the variation that uses great weapons will get an armor-piercing bonus.

The Chaos Warriors sport a 100 points in armor, 70 points in leadership, low speed, and below average melee attack and defense . As mentioned, they’re grunts, so they do all the heavy lifting and essentially work as battlefield fodder.

The halberds version – very much like the Chosen units – get not only the armored and armor-piercing bonus, but they also get the anti-large bonus and a charge defense bonus against units that can charge and trample. You can see all three variations of the Chaos Warriors in action with the demonstration video below.

The next unit on the list is the Chaos Forsaken. They’re a sword infantry unit that gets an armored bonus, they get a damage dealer bonus, and a frenzy bonus. They get fairly high armor with 85 points, along with 70 leadership and fairly medium to high speed at 47. They have good weapon strength as well at 64 points. They’re good all-around group of units to just wreck havoc and cause… chaos. They also get additional bonuses with high leadership thanks to the frenzy bonus.

The Chaos Marauders are a heavy axe infantry division. The unit type has extremely low armor with only 15 points, but they make up for it partially with armor-piercing abilities when using their great weapons. The standard Chaos Marauders without the great weapons have the armor-piercing bonus replaced with a shielded bonus, but they’re still low on armor, low on defense and low on melee attacks.

You can see the three units in action with the video below.

Archaon the Everchosen is a wizard class with a spellcaster bonus, but he also gets some awesome melee bonuses as well, included armored and shielded bonuses, along with being a melee expert in addition to having a wide range of magic spells at his disposal.

As a hero, Archaon is absolutely dangerous, with a 115 armor stat, high leadership at 80, above average speed, and weapon strength of 480. This guy can cause terror in other units thanks to his fiery horse. He can not only kill easily and efficiently as a melee character, but he can also be used as a long-range spellcaster with devastating AOE attacks, as well as ally buffs to increase melee damage and armor-piercing damage, along with a vortex spell to completely disrupt and rout enemy troops. You can see him in action with the video below.

The next hero unit on the list is Kholek the Suneater. He gets massive bonuses on his side, including scaly skin that can dampen and deflect missile damage, he can cause terror in units with low leadership, he is a melee expert and he gets an armor-piercing bonus. He gets a charge bonus so he can charge in and blast down enemies by just running through them. He gets 520 weapon strength, he’s exceptionally fast for his size with 80 points in speed, along with fairly high leadership. Unfortunately he only gets 30 points in armor.

You can see Kholek kicking butt and taking names, with the video below.

The next hero on the list is Chaos Prince Sigvald the Magnificent. He gets an armor and shield bonus, as a hero he gets a melee expert bonus, he also gets a duelist bonus, and a charge defense bonus.

Sigvald has 100 armor, 80 leadership 65 melee attack and 55 defense. His weapon strength is 460. Technically he could actually be a formidable opponent against Kholek Suneater. He gets a number of self-buffs and he also doesn’t get affected by fear or terror. You can see the duelist champion in the fight below.

Up next is the Chaos Lord and the Exalted Hero. The Chaos Lord gets 100 armor, 78 leadership, and 450 weapon strength. The Lord gets an armor and shield bonus along with a melee expert. He can also ride a manticore, a dragon or a horse. When riding the dragon or manticore the Chaos Lord gets a terror bonus.

The Exalted Hero can ride a manticore or a dragon, but his stats are slightly different, with his weapon strength only being 415, his leadership only being 72 and his charge bonus is slightly lower. Both units get fairly impressive buffs, and you can see how they can be used in the example video below.

It’s time to finally move on to the artillery units… or rather, unit. The Chaos faction has only one powerful artillery at their disposal, which is the long-range Hellcannon.

The device gets an armor-piercing missile bonus, gets a doomfire bonus and an unbreakable bonus, which is useful against terror attacks. According to Loki Doki, he states that it’s the strongest artillery unit in Total War: Warhammer.

The Doomfire bonus is very interesting as it demoralizes enemy units by dropping the leadership stats of the opposition when it strikes. It doesn’t have very high armor, but it gets 40 shots at its disposal, it has a range of 420, and does missile damage of 493. It’s a slow moving unit but it does get a buff that can briefly increase the speed so it can be repositioned and maneuvered to a more advantageous position.

Following that is the Chaos Dragon Ogres and the Shaggoth unit. The Chaos Dragon Ogres get the scaly skin unit and armor-piercing bonuses. They don’t have very high armor, only being 30, but they have high leadership, moderate attack damage and defense, and they have a very high weapon strength of 94. They’re a smaller version of the Kholek class.

The Dragon Ogre Shaggoth is a slightly bigger version of the Dragon Ogres, but not quite as big as Kholek. He gets an armor-piercing bonus, he’s very quick on his feet with a speed rating of 78, he gets high melee attack rates and decent defense, but his weapon strength is what’s the real show pony of his stats, clocking in at 420. He also gets a charge bonus of 70, so he can speed in and ram down units like a bus that can’t drop below 60mph while racing through a crowded mall.

Shaggoth gets various additional bonuses as well, including the ability to cause terror, and the scaly skin bonus, so that he can deflect missile projectiles. You can see the Dragon Ogre Shaggoth and the Chaos Dragon Ogres in action with the video demonstration below.

The next two units on the table are the Chaos Giant, which is literally just a giant monster, and the Chaos Spawns.

The Chaos Giant is classified as a monster with armor-piercing bonuses, anti-infantry bonuses that can wipe out lots of smaller infantry units that don’t have anti-large weapons, as well as a terror bonus. He doesn’t have much armor, only clocking in at 30. He gets massive leadership points, though, at 100. He has low speed but he has high melee attack and a weapon strength rate of 530.

The Chaos Spawn are an unbreakable unit that are anti-infantry with a damage dealing bonus. They can inflict fear into their enemies, and they have decent speed and high weapon strength. However, the unit doesn’t output much damage and they have extremely low armor, clocking in only at 15. They’re a good unit to use as a routing tactic to inflict fear or terror in heavily armored units while another group comes in to mop the mess. You can see them in action with the video below.

Up next is the Chaos Warhounds. They come in two different variations, with the standard version and the poison version. They’re a low-morale unit, and their only bonuses are scaly skin and they’re very fast. They have extremely low leadership. The only good thing about this unit is using them to go directly after enemy artillery. They rout easy, though, so use them tactically.

The poison version of the Chaos Warhounds are basically the same only they get a poison bonus to slow down enemy troops. The stats are also the same as the standard Chaos Warhounds.

The Chaos Trolls are next in line, and they get an armor-piercing bonus and a regeneration bonus, so they’re a unit that can keep coming back for more and dishing out damage over the long haul. However, the regeneration bonus does not work well against fire damage.

The only problem is that the Chaos Trolls have low armor, low leadership, low melee defense and decent attack rates. They’re classified as monstrous infantry, and they get a weapon strength rating of 90.

The alternate version of the Chaos Trolls is the Armored Chaos Trolls. They get an armored bonus, along with an armor-piercing bonus, a regeneration bonus and an armor rating of 80. They’re tough sons of guns, but they still don’t have very good leadership, making them a difficult unit to utilize on the battlefield. You can see how they can be utilized on the battlefield and what sort of strategies you can employ with the video below.

The Chaos Marauders Horsemen are a cavalry unit. They’re a cheap unit classified under the missile cavalry category.

The Marauder Horsemen only have a 15 point armor rating, with less-than average leadership. They have low defense, low attack rates and low ammunition. They do inflict 28 points worth of missile damage, so they can chip away at an enemy’s health while staying mobile.

The alternate version of the unit, the Marauder Horsement with throwing axes get the same bonuses as the standard Horsemen, only they use throwing axes instead of spears. They do get a few bonuses despite being cheap units, such as a shielded bonus, an armor-piercing missile bonus and the ability to utilize vanguard deployment.

The only major noteworthy stats for these units come in the form of the speed rating, which is 92. You can see both units in action with the video below.

The Chaos Knights are a cavalry unit that get the armored and shield bonus, along with an anti-infantry bonus. They’re labeled by Loki Doki as being heavily armored shock troops. They get an armor stat of 115 with a 70 point leadership stat, along with a 66 speed rating, which isn’t as fast as the Marauder cavalry but they’re far more powerful.

They get a decent charge bonus, along with moderate melee attack and defense stats.

The Chaos Knight Lances lose a few points in melee defense and attack ratings, but they get more than double the charge bonus. The Chaos Knight Lances are basically used for charging through infantry thanks to their high-stat charge bonus. You can see how you can tactically utilize both units in battle with the video below.

Last but not least is the Chaos Chariot units. The Chaos Chariot gets the two bonuses: armored and anti-infantry. So they’re good against infantry units that don’t have armor-piercing weapons. They get a high 76 rating on the charge stat, along with high speed coming in at 80, a leadership rating of 70 and an armor rating of 90. Their melee attack and defense is extremely low, but they’re designed specifically for charging through troops and wrecking havoc on enemy lines.

The second Chariot unit is the Gorebeast Chariot, which replaces the Chaos Steed with a Gorebeast. The Gorebeast Chariot gets three bonuses, including an armor bonus, an armor-piercing bonus and an anti-infantry bonus. They have an armor rating of 100, a leadership rating of 70, 66 speed and way below average melee attack and defense. They, however, get a charge bonus of 90. So these guys will absolutely decimate infantry lines by blasting through them with deathly intent.

You can see these two units in action with the video below.

Hopefully the Total War: Warhammer video guides helped give you an idea on how to best utilize the Chaos faction units in battle. The itself is available right now, exclusively for PC. For more info, feel free to visit the official Total War website.


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