Valentino Rossi: The Game Is Now Available For PS4, Xbox One, PC

Milestone’s self-published racing game, Valentino: Rossi: The Game is now available for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The game just recently launched for the home consoles and computer platforms during the unbelievably turbulent time of this year’s E3, which took place in Los Angeles, California between June 14th and June 16th.

Despite coming out when most people are being swamped with all sorts of video game news and huge announcements, Milestone managed to capture the attention of thousands of gamers nonetheless.

The new title came out and is already garnering some positive review scores from die-hard fans looking to play a racing game that includes flat-tracks, Moto GP, drifting and rally races. You can check out Milestone’s official launch trailer for the game below.

The launch trailer is different from what I expected. I was thinking it was going to be another ho-hum trailer outlining each of the modes and some of the vehicles, but it seemed to want to target racing enthusiasts by showing a kid who simply did not want to get up from his seat and miss one second of the Moto GP race. He answers the door only to be greeted with a racer in Rossi’s gear who hands him the game while they showcase some quick clips of the different racing disciplines featured in the title.

It ends by scrolling through all of the different modes that are available for gamers to play, including rally, flat track, R1M1, Moto GP, historical races, drifting and rally races.

They mention that players will also be able to head to the MotoRanch and partake in the VR|46 Riders Academy, along with blasting through the 2016 seasonal career mode.

They’ve really tried jamming in as much content as possible. The game looks pretty slick to be a budget-priced title. Speaking of price… the game is available for $49.99, so it’s about $10 cheaper than the typical AAA title.

Also, you can not only play single-player and multiplayer but it supports split-screen play for both the home console version and the PC version. So if you have some friends over and an extra Steam Controller you can play the game via local split-screen.

You can learn more about the game by heading to the official website or you can head to the local retailer to grab a copy, or you can head to the Steam store and get a digital version of the game.

(Main image courtesy of Gebbbe)


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