Watch Dogs 2 Website Teaser Reveals Troll Face

If you’re looking forward to the next entry in Ubisoft’s open-world action title, Watch Dogs 2, you won’t have to wait long to get a glimpse at the game in action.

According to Winbeta, Watch Dogs 2 will be unveiled ahead of this year’s E3 press conference held by Ubisoft. The game’s full trailer will appear on the newly opened official website where the trailer will go live on June 8th at 9:00am PST.

To help promote the official reveal… they released a teaser trailer for the announcement trailer. Because in today’s age, you can’t announce something without first having an announcement for it.

While the trailer itself reveals almost nothing, and the only thing we can glean from the main protagonist is that he appears to be a young black kid, the website tells a different story. In fact, it tells a story of memes and trolls, and a time before people succumbed to the Church of McIntosh.

As fun as it would be to joke about this, the reality is that the teaser website for Watch Dogs 2 really does have a troll face on it. You can press CTRL + U on the main website  to get a greeting from the following jolly face.

The troll face is posted directly after the lines that read…

“Discover the future of Watch Dogs!” […] “Check out the #WatchDogs2 World Premiere on 8th June, 5pm on”

The standard website for Watch Dogs 2 features a countdown timer that that repeats the teaser trailer you just watched above.

On the YouTube page, user assassin8913 linked to a tumblr blog where he revealed more information about Watch Dogs 2 after dumping the site’s CSS code. You can actually check out the code for yourself through a direct CSS link.

Based on the 3D model of the main character, he appears to be wearing a slightly tattered sweatshirt, and jeans with some minor scruffs and holes in them. He’s obviously not from the upper class, nor does he have a lot of money. The character is likely part of a rebel society group, scrounging around or some such. Anyway, based on this little tidbit of info I’m curious if Watch Dogs 2 will have a story similar to the exceptionally well-written USA series Mr. Robot? The franchise has the potential to go deep in the hacker culture, and the first game barely scratched the surface.

I guess we’ll find out just how deep the rabbit hole goes (and how far the downgrades will take us) with Watch Dogs 2 on June 8th.


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