Water Planet Offers Surreal Atmospheric Audio/Visual Adventure

In simple terms, Water Planet is a walking simulator that focuses on audio/visual stimulation to immerse you into a mysterious alien world that is made up mostly of nothing but water.

Water Planet was developed using the Unreal Engine 4, with most of the audio, visual and programming work created by the artist known as VIRGO, with help from the Revera Corporation. This is pretty much the entire theme of the game, the player listening to VIRGO’s new surreal sounding EP soundtrack while  exploring the stunning visual world of Water Planet to discover all of its secrets.

The music plays in the background, and the game serves as a kind of relaxing music video that goes with the package. You will be able to travel by land, both above and below the sea, and through the air as you travel across four unique levels.

water planet1

The developers say that there is wildlife to discover if you look for them, and the game will consist of about 45 minutes of gameplay. Currently, VR support isn’t implemented in the game, but the development team says that they are working on including it because they believe it will help to add to the relaxing atmosphere of the game.

VIRGO has released her songs onto Soundcloud, so if you are interested in listening you can follow the provided link to check it out. I will admit that I’m not too fond of the vocals, but there were a few songs that I liked and I can see how the music can fit in with the weird and alien world of Water Planet.

The developers have been responding to questions on Steam Greenlight, where Steam user The-HATEFULMUFFIN asked what the game was about, and The Revera Corporation responded with the below quote to shed a bit more detail about how the game project works.

[….] The game revolves around the music, which includes four original songs by VIRGO, the electronic artist who also developed the game. The songs explore the possibility of living on another planet, in a distant star system, which is the concept behind Water Planet. An alien planet that consists primarily of water, with four levels to explore, each with hidden areas and objects to discover.

You can check out the short trailer video down below to see a bit of what the game will be like for yourself.

If you are interested in supporting this audio/visual game project, you can head on over to Steam Greenlight to cast your vote and learn more. For additional details you can also visit the official Water Planet website for further information about the game.


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