Weekly Recap June 11th: British Wants Sexism Label On Games

There’s usually two or three items to fill out the Weekly Recap headline, but a sexism label on video games based on Super Mario Bros and the Tomb Raider reboot is a headline enough. British MPs actually want to add a sexism label to video games for those that do it right and those that do it wrong. When games like Super Mario Bros and Tomb Raider are doing it wrong then there’s no hope for anybody… no hope at all.

If you think that news is bad, you should get a load of the story involving Matt Hickey, an anti-#GamerGate tech journalist who rallied against Microsoft when they had scantily clad dancers at their GDC party, but it turns out that Hickey himself was running a porn casting agency scam just so he could have sex with young, unassuming girls. They’re now trying to pursue rape charges against Hickey. These stories and oh so much more in this June 11th, 2016 edition of the Weekly Recap here at One Angry Gamer.


Ubisoft’s Downgrades Highlighted In New Video

A collage of Ubisoft’s downgrades have been put together to give gamers a look at what Ubisoft usually promises and what gamers end up with. The video runs for 15 minutes, showcasing the major downgrades that games like Watch Dogs has suffered from. The Culling seemed like the next big game, but some balance patches ended up pissing off the community, and now they’re seeing their player base bleed out like a gutted pig. APB Reloaded finally launched on home consoles, making its debut on the Xbox One over the weekend. And the developers of Dishonored 2 dropped some info on how to utilize skills and special moves in the upcoming sandbox, supernatural stealth game.


Dead Rising 4 Rumored To Appear At E3

Lots of games seem to be getting announced and delayed all in the same breath. Dead Rising 4 is rumored to appear at Microsoft’s E3 conference this year while Sony and Guerrilla Games dropped the devastating news that Horizon: Zero Dawn is being pushed back by an entire year. Additionally, the crowd-funded co-op title, Yooka-Laylee has also been delayed to the first quarter of 2017. Watch Dogs 2 was also teased with a troll face. And Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is making a return to form in HD for the PlayStation 4 next year. Oh, and if you were interested, the Batman: The Telltale Series adventure will start this summer for home consoles and PC.


Injustice 2 Leaked Due To GameStop

GameStop screwed the pooch by letting loose some posters for Injustice 2. Usually that would be a good thing except for the fake that NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros., have yet to fully announce the game. A new gameplay prototype video was released for Project SOCJUS, the side-scrolling action title featuring the #GamerGate mascot Vivian James. China has instituted some new rules and regulations on mobile app developers looking to get their game onto the Chinese market. The new rules have been put into effect to limit the influence of Western culture on Chinese society. XCOM 2 was always destined to make an appearance on the Xbox One and PS4, and now it appears as if 2K Games has verified that the game is coming to consoles this year.


More Fuel For #GamerGate

The New York Times let loose a hit-piece on the gaming industry, accusing gamers of being the birthing fathers of internet trolling. Somehow #GamerGate existed back in the late 1970s. Watch Dogs 2 was officially announced by Ubisoft, and the protagonist is black and it takes place in San Francisco. The weapons and customization of Battlefield 1 were detailed recently in a community Q&A with DICE, giving gamers a much better idea of what to expect from the upcoming first-person shooter. A new Deus Ex mode was revealed along with a new Deus Ex game called Deus Ex Go. And Injustice 2 has officially been announced for the Xbox One and PS4… no PC version this time around.


VR Profitability Is A Few Years Away

As much as some publishers would hate to have to admit it, the whole VR schtick is not going to be as profitable as some people in the media may have been claiming, not if Michael Pachter has anything to say about it. Ubisoft will be dealing with cheaters in The Division by permanently banning them on their first offense. They don’t say what they’ll do about glitchers and exploiters, but more than 30,000 accounts have had actionable measures taken against them so far. Bungie released info on the latest expansion pack for Destiny called the Rise of Iron, it’s due for release on September 20th for $29.99. And the latest Cemu release has been made available for Patreon backers, bringing the version up to 1.5.2 for the Wii U emulator.


Britain Uses Super Mario And Tomb Raider To Gun For Sexism Labels On Games

If you thought France was going overboard with wanting to get sexism labels instituted and amended to PEGI, well Britain isn’t far behind. U.K., parliament want to add labels to games that determine whether they have positive or negative sexism ratings. Those with a negative rating could suffer from harsher rating penalties, fewer advertising opportunities and lowered sales. A tech journalist who turned out to be anti-#GamerGate has been allegedly involved in a sex scandal involving a pornographer scam. The journalist is pleading the fifth while police investigate. Star Citizen customers have been hit with somewhat derogatory labels in the customer support system that Cloud Imperium Games used, and after it was brought to their attention the developers shut the system down. And the week rounds out with the huge, huge, huge news that Gawker has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. Ziff Davis, IGN’s parent company, is looking to purchase Gawker’s assets, including Kotaku, Jezebel and Gizmodo.


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