Weekly Recap June 25th: Kotaku’s Hit-Piece Helped Cost ARK’s Developers $40 Million
Weekly Recap

After a thorough investigation and a truly startling realization that the original Kotaku pieces about Trendy Entertainment weren’t quite the whole truth, it later became obvious that the distress and rift spawned from the original hit-piece on Jeremy Stieglitz – now working with Studio Wildcard on ARK: Survival Evolved – actually helped set in motion a series of events that led to Stieglitz getting sued, costing Studio Wildcard $40 million. As ridiculous as it sounds it’s all chronicled in a very lengthy piece by Nick Monroe.

The rest of the week was saw a number of things transpire, including academics calling for 30 minute ads in games to teach social justice issues, the game Meiq being denied a ratings classification in Australia due to cleavage, and Destructoid laying off their staff from the United Kingdom. These stories and more in this June 25th, 2016 edition of the Weekly Recap here at One Angry Gamer.


Kotaku’s Bad Journalism Helped Cost A Studio $40 Million

The big news over the weekend is that Kotaku’s articles about Trendy Entertainment helped cost Studio Wildcard $40 million in damages. Who knew video game journalism could be so dangerous… and costly? Given that E3 is all wrapped up nice and neat, the “Best Of” for E3 2016 rounded out to none other than For Honor. Storm of Spears is an RPG Maker game that managed to get the attention of a lot of gamers thanks to its NSFW warning on the Steam store page, but not all is as it appears to be. A new Super Mario game is on the way for the Nintendo NX, but Nintendo is mum as to what they’re doing with the game. We’ll likely find out at next year’s E3. Tekken 7 is also confirmed to arrive on PC in early 2017, in addition to its arrival on PS4 and Xbox One. And the spiritual successor to Akiba’s Trip, called Akiba’s Beat, has abandoned the clothes-stripping mechanic in favor of a more traditional JRPG experience.


SJW Indoctrination And Reddit’s FTC Violations

Academics want to change the way gamers play games by wanting to persuade developers to include half hour intermissions that contain social justice messages. They want to literally indoctrinate gamers through VR games. A large percentage of League of Legends players actually play the game on their laptops, while a large percentage of GTA V players play the game on desktop PCs. Reddit got caught breaching FTC regulation and they’ve been mum about the breach, and some people are going after Reddit by reporting them to the FTC. And YouTube has updated their policies regarding inciting harassment, and not everyone is confident that YouTube will play by their own rules.


Japanese JRPG Meiq Denied Classification In Australia

Why was a dungeon-crawler denied classification in Australia? Because the ratings board deemed some of the characters to appear under the age of 18 and that some sexually suggestive material was in the game. If you’re a live-streamer and you use Steam for broadcasting purposes, you can now get your hands on a free copy of Xsplit. The release date for the Pokemon Go Plus wrist accessory has been set for July 31st, and Gamestop is already taking pre-orders. And Unity 5’s full tech demo called “Adam” made its way online, featuring some awesome real-time graphics rendering and a cool, mysterious story to boot.


Destructoid Lays Off Their U.K. Staff

The old guard continues to crumble, falling ever-so steeply over a cliff called karma. That little metaphor relates to the recent shake-up at Destructoid, where they let go of three of their staff from the United Kingdom. Fallout 4’s latest DLC pack has released for PC, PS4 and Xbox One called the Contraptions Workshop, enabling gamers to create their own contraptions, mechanical conveyor systems and other neat mechanical devices. The New York Times revealed that they’re gunning to make $60 million in revenue from native advertising this year, calling ad-blockers evil. The Technomancer was delayed by a week, now set to arrive at the end of June. And developer and publisher TinyBuild has begun butting heads with gray market reseller G2A, claiming the company may have cost them $450,000 in lost revenue.


Rockstar Shutting Down YouTube Accounts Hosting GTA 5 Cheats

Have a cheat way to make money in GTA V? Well, scrub it and keep it to yourself. That’s what Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive want. They’re going around copyright striking YouTube accounts in order to prevent them from sharing videos of GTA V glitches and cheats. Hotline Miami 2’s level editor has finally gone live, enabling gamers to create their own levels for some top bloody carnage. The less-than-stellar Umbrella Corps has launched and it hasn’t been receiving the best of review scores. The super awesome looking Furi finally has a release date for both PC and PS4 and games can get their hands on the title starting July 5th. And Nintendo has denied that the joke in Paper Mario: Color Splash involving Shufflegate has anything to do with #GamerGate.


Polygon’s Brian Crecente Gets Caught In A COI

After getting caught in a brief conflict of interest with Games For Change, Polygon founding editor Brian Crecente apologized and opted to disclose his ties with Games For Change. For a brief weekend you’ll be able to get your hands on Halo 5 for the Xbox One… for free. It’s a limited time deal that will only last up until July 5th. Criterion’s sandbox racing game similar to Ubisoft’s Steep has been canceled by Electronic Arts. The game is no longer set to arrive for home consoles and PC. Nintendo is axing the multiplayer in Devil’s Third on December 28th later this year in North America, Europe and Japan. A new game engine called Game Pencil Engine lets you drag and drop objects right into the design area for quick and dirty design-and-code techniques. And Mighty No. 9’s review report is in, and it’s not pretty.


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