Witcher 3: Blood And Wine, Path Of Warriors XP Glitch Works On Patch 1.2 And 1.21

If it seems hard leveling up, or you need to get to max level a lot quicker in The Witcher 3, the old Path Of Warriors glitch on Skellige Isles currently works on patch 1.2 and 1.21. This glitch might get patched soon, but it works for those looking to get more XP quickly on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Recently, The Witcher 3‘s glitch for infinite money got fixed and doesn’t work after the latest patch. If you want the money glitch to work you can delete your game, and re-install it. But that is very inconvenient and is a method I wouldn’t recommend. Acting as a replacement glitch, YouTuber WhatsMyGame has an old video tutorial on how to get the quest Path Of Warriors. If you already know how to get there, you can skip to the next step.

After taking up the mission Path Of Warriors, do half of the mission and go back to Skellige Isles. Talk to the man named Gunnar, and then proceed up the steps near him until you see that you are granted 50 XP. Go back down and talk to him again and keep repeating the process until you reach the desired level.

The video runs for two and a half minutes, and shows the exploit’s location. I should note that level 70 isn’t the cap and that you can level higher than the level mentioned in the video below. With that said, and like before, the video comes in by WhatsMyGame.

As noted above, the devs might patch this Witcher 3 glitch soon and fix it like the infinite money glitch, which didn’t last that long. If folks are looking to level up quickly and are seeking for an XP glitch, the Path Of Warriors exploit on Skellige Isles seems to be the best at the moment, and should be used ASAP before it gets patched.

Moreover, if you have completed the quest and can’t do the exploit on the island, a certain user noted that you can by redoing everything on new game plus, if you don’t mind…

“I’m level 83, just made a new game plus and just got a crap load of xp redoing everything.”

Those interested in CD Projekt Red’s latest DLC for the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, entitled Blood and Wine, will be able to play it now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.