Xbox Scorpio Coming 2017, Not As Powerful As Titan X
Xbox One S

Microsoft announced that two new Xbox consoles are coming. The Xbox One S is coming this August for $299. It’s 40% smaller, comes with a new controller with built-in Bluetooth support, and it sports a USB port on the front of the console. The second console, which is due to release next year during the holiday season of 2017, is codenamed the “Scorpio”.

During the E3 conference Microsoft revealed that the Xbox Scorpio will be designed for 4K gaming and VR support. The Xbox Scorpio features a 6 teraflop GPU that supports 320 gigabytes per second worth of bandwidth and an eight-core CPU.

They didn’t show the Xbox Scorpio but they did release a video for the Xbox One S, which you can check out below, courtesy of Extreme Tech.

Despite the upgraded specs, the Xbox Scorpio is still a ways behind even a last generation GPU. Nvidia’s Titan X sports 7 teraflops of floating point processing precision, 336GBp/s and 12GB of RAM.

From a pure brute force point of view, the Scorpio is not as powerful when looking at the raw stats.

Why is this important? Because Microsoft is claiming that the Xbox Scorpio will run games in native 4K resolution and support games running at 60fps. It will also be designed with VR in mind, with many speculating that it will be Oculus Rift-ready.

The major problem is that despite being weaker than the Titan X and claiming to run games at 4K and 60fps, the Titan X can’t even run many games at 60fps and 4K on the max settings.

According to benchmarks from places like, you can see that very few of the games, from Hitman Absolution and Evolve, to Dying Light and BioShock Infinite, many of the top titles don’t scale above 60fps running at max settings on 4K on the Titan X.

So logic says if a more powerful card is having trouble hitting 60fps at 4K, I tend to doubt that a less powerful GPU is going to be able to hit 4K for high-profile games. But it will definitely be interesting to see nonetheless.

In the meantime, the Xbox One S will be launching this August for $299.99.

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