XCOM 2: Shen’s Last Gift DLC Adds New Mechs To The Game

2K Games and Firaxis let loose the latest expansion for XCOM 2 called Shen’s Last Gift, it centers around the engineer Lily Shen leading a team to a seemingly abandoned Advent robotics facility where she discovers her father’s last gift to her.

The new DLC features all new missions that take place in the abandoned facility, giving gamers brand new enemies to face off against and robots to dismantle.

Additionally, there are new robot and drone companions to make use of on the battlefield. The giant mechanized soldier packs a real wallop by being able to punch and hit enemies at close range, or deploy new attack drones to help out during battle. You can check out the new mech soldier in action with the launch trailer below.

The hilarious part about it is that a bunch of people in the comment section are groaning at the fact that they’ll be getting the new DLC and spending a heck o f a lot of time trying to repair the mods they have installed in the process.

Oftentimes when new expansion packs and DLC drops, mods get hit hard in the process. For XCOM 2 Firaxis made sure that the game was definitely mod-friendly, but even then some updates will break some mods. They definitely aren’t going out of their way to prevent modding the way Rockstar Games and Take-Two have. In the case of GTA V, they’ve been aggressively trying to dissuade a lot of different forms of modding, including completely destroying the custom modded servers that would have allowed people to play modded versions of the game online with each other.

In XCOM 2’s case, any mods that get broke is only an unintended side-effect of Firaxis attempting to improve the game and ultimately give modders more to work with. In this case, Shen’s Last Gift offers new mech units to control, new customization features for the mechs and soldiers, as well as all new combat abilities to exploit on the battlefield.

You can learn more about the new XCOM 2 DLC or pick up a copy of Shen’s Last Gift by heading on over to the XCOM 2 Steam store page. The new DLC is available right now for $9.99.


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