You Can Now Play As Quiet From MGS 5 In GTA 5
GTA 5 Quiet Mod

Modders continue to find ways to make each and every new day in the world of PC gaming so much more exciting than the previous day. In this case, modders have made it possible for gamers to play as the mute but deadly sniper from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain… Quiet.

Modeled after Dutch actress and model, Stefani Joosten, Quiet is a sniper who dresses provocatively because that’s what Hideo Kojima wanted. However, Kojima put in a convoluted bit of reasoning behind Quiet’s risque lingerie, explaining that she feeds on photosynthesis and it’s how she breathes, thus she needs to stay as close to being naked as possible.

GTA 5 Quiet Mod

But why the lung condition? Because she was burned alive at the beginning of The Phantom Pain when she attempted to kill Big Boss, the original Naked Snake.

But enough about the history of Metal Gear Solid V. You didn’t come here for a history lesson, you came to smack that mouse button on that digital booty, and JotaPXModz has provided you a means to do so.

GTA 5 Quiet Mod

He ripped and rammed Quiet… into GTA V from Meta Gear Solid V. The process isn’t perfect, though. He’s had a number of hiccups and hardships to overcome along the way. The GTA V modding community has been very supportive of JotaPXModz as he’s iterated and fixed up the Quiet mod as he gets it to near perfection.

He’s managed to fix the glitched up face, the distorted finger animations and the glitchy leg textures. Additionally he managed to up the resolution of the textures to 2K, which should look pretty darn good on a very capable machine. In some ways the model almost looks as good as it does from the original Metal Gear Solid V.

GTA 5 Quiet Mod

Despite all the work he’s managed to do on the mod, he still hasn’t been able to fix the hair, though. The mesh for the hair looks kind of janky and the textures and shaders don’t show up properly. Some tweaking and modifying may eventually get it to appear correctly. You can see how the mod looks in action with the really cool machinima video below from SOCOM. Check it out.

The intro to that video is pretty slick.

If you want to get your hands on Quiet… in GTA V, you can do so by downloading the mod right now from grabbing it on


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