Age Of The Barbarian Extended Cut Uncensored Walkthrough

One of the games that popped out onto Steam like a Hot Pocket into the lap of a 4chan moderator is Crian Soft’s Age of the Barbarian Extended Cut. The game is a classic throwback to the old-school barbarian titles on the C64 and Amiga home computer consoles, it’s very similar in play-style to Rastan Saga or Barbarian II: Dungeon of Drax but follows a story closer to the likes of Amiga’s Conan: The Cimmerian.

The title is a side-scrolling adventure game, it puts players in the role of either Sheyna the disgraced warrior princess who was sold into slavery as a concubine, seeking both redemption and revenge; and there’s Rahaan, a typical barbarian warrior dude out to free half-naked slave girls and kill bad guys, monsters and cannibals.

The uncensored playthrough rightly follows Sheyna, as she has a far more fleshed out story than Rahaan. The video series was put together by YouTuber Tr1ppa. It’s only eight videos long but that’s because one of the stages glitches and he has to end it. However you can check out the playlist below, which goes up to the level of the wyrverns. The entire game is obviously NSFW.

Crian obviously seemed to borrow music as close sounding a possible to Basil Poledouris’ Conan soundtrack as possible.

The game features basic striking and blocking, decapitations, fatalities through groin strikes, and plenty of dismemberment.

Sprinkled throughout the game is frequent nudity. The title is unashamedly forward about its intent, being an 18+ game with no reservations whatsoever. If you’re a fan of the old low-budget sandals, swords and sorcery films from the 1970s and 1980s, ranging from The Warrior and the Sorceress to The Barbarian Queen and the infamously raunchy Deathstalker series, then you’ll be right at home with Age of Barbarian Extended Cut.

Now given that the video playlist above was incomplete due to the game glitching out near the very end, there is another video that captures the final level of the side-scrolling, hack-and-slash platformer. It’s available courtesy of YouTuber Bomoh Bodoh. You can check it out below.

Now if you were planning on picking up a copy of this game, it is safe to do so given that the developer recently released a patch, version 1.6.5, which fixes a number of animations, glitches, crashes and optimization issues. It was detailed over on the Steam update page.

Now if you want to check out the final ending for the game, Bomoh Bodoh also manages to get that on film as well.

The final boss fight is against the Necromancer who killed Sheyna’s father and sold her into slavery. You can check out the near six minute video below.

If you were curious what Rahaan’s ending is like, there’s also a quick video available as well, showcasing the buff barbarian taking on the Necromancer in a final duel, no different than Sheyna. You can check that out below.

Age of Barbarian Extended Cut is available right now on the Steam store for $12.99.


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