Berserk’s Western Release Set To Hit PC, PS4 And PS Vita This Fall

That’s right, the game that will rustle many SJW jimmies — if it stays true to its core self — will release in the west across PC, PS4 and PS Vita. Berserk’s PC version via Steam will be a digital release, while the PS Vita and PS4 will gain physical copies. Koei Tecmo and Omega Force’s upcoming Musou game, Berserk, will launch on September 21st over in Japan for PS3, PS4 and PS Vita, and sometime this Fall for the west for PC, PS Vita and PS4.

According to the updated site that Koei Tecmo unveiled for Berserk, we see a lot of the stuff that we have seen in the past. One of them cover a previous feature that we covered in a past article about slashing and cutting enemies to bits, while that character’s weapon grows as the battle starts to heat up. This allows players to smash and slash enemies, or send them flying away.

It also recaps over the story and how it will take place during the Golden Age Arc, and how players will journey with Guts and his new companions to seek revenge through “The Hawk of the Millennium Arc”. However, something that is new, the site details that there will be artwork and footage from the actual animated movie trilogy implemented into the story mode showing extra scenes pertaining to the members of the Band of the Hawk, as well as other characters.

Instead of spoiling the whole story for those that don’t know about Berserk, I’ll instead shine some light on the characters that will be playable according to Koei Tecmo’s new site for the game. Guts and Griffith will be playable, as well as Casca. The site reads that different parts of the story will hold special parts where players will be able to play a “number of characters” that posses distinctive skills and abilities throughout the story, which sounds pretty cool to me.

If you want to learn more about the game and see its new site for western folks, you can head on over to But, if you want to see a list of brand new screenshots, you can check them all out below.



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