Black Hat Cooperative, VR Stealth Game Utilizes Asymmetric Co-op Action

Team Future’s Black Hat Cooperative takes asymmetrical multiplayer to the next level with black hat hacking and stealth antics centered around directing one player through various facilities while the other attempts to keep watch over the situation using a map.

Spice and Hammer have to work hand-in-hand to overcome the odds. As explained on the Steam store page…

“Spice can use a hacking terminal to unlock special doors and freeze or blind enemies. But these superpowers require teamwork. Hammer must collect in-world “bits” and scan enemies to enable hacking.”

You can get a demonstration of the two-player cooperative antics with a video below from Team Future, demonstrating how one person is giving commands and utilizing the map to spot enemies, while the other is keeping the boots on the ground and attempting to use stealth to avoid trouble. It’s a little like the Chloe and Jack relationship from 24.

While the graphics are obviously designed to mimic the dated look of Minecraft meets DOOM, the concept of the gameplay is actually pretty cool.

Originally I didn’t think the game was going to be worth much, but after seeing some of the video demonstrations it seems like it could end up being a ton of fun. The only drawback is that the game is limited to local multiplayer. While this would have been awesome to play online, you can only make use of it locally.

There are 12 levels to play through as well as full VR support, so that’s something to consider. One person using the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift while the other guides them through the levels could turn out to be pretty cool.

I imagine this is the kind of game that might end up being quite popular with the live-streams and Let’s Play sessions.

You can pick up a digital copy of Black Hat Cooperative from over on the Steam store for $9.99.


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