Blister, Rainbow Six Siege-like Game Seeks Votes On Greenlight

Item_42’s newest game that is currently seeking votes on Steam Greenlight doesn’t look bad at all, but it could stand to have its problems if it isn’t handled well. First up, to be a Steam Greenlight gam, the devs currently have a beautiful project on hand and it looks like how I imagined Rainbow Six: Siege to have been on release. Blister will be for PC and is seeking votes on Greenlight.

The indie devs’ project, Blister, isn’t perfect but it does hold its merits. It looks like it’s trying to bring back the old days of the tactical team-based gameplay present in Rainbow Six — and I mean the old days where you would command teammates and plan out your moves before entering a room. I don’t know if Blister is the type of game where if you get shot once or twice it all ends, or if you are a regenerating bullet sponge? That remains to be a mystery at the moment, but if you are wondering what the game is about you can read the description below:

“Parliament collapses. The Monarchy militarises. England is close to civil war.”


“Take command of up to four skilled BLISTER Agents and suppress the insurgent activities that threaten Royalist rule. Protect the Crown!”

Yup, assuming the role as squad leader will have players taking a group of Blister agents to suppress insurgent activity and respond to resolve high-valued hostage situations, among other national incidents. The game will rock the FPS premise set during a modern “reimagining of the English civil wars” with strategic combat and planning.

The open sand-box will sport a base where players can equip their character and squad members to respond to any ongoing threat across England. This means disarming bombs, raiding insurgent strongholds and hostage standoffs will be common, if not frequent. You can check out the official trailer that Item_42 posted.

There will be over 50 weapons in the game, spanning across non-lethal and lethal ballistics. According to the devs, not all conflicts will revolve around firefights or death. Players will be able to subdue insurgents by using “psychological tactics” to force combatants into giving up their weapons.

Lastly, if the devs are able to polish up some animations and fix some effects in the game, I think it will be a pretty solid game for Greenlight standards.

For more information on Blister you can either hit up the devs main site, or you can vote for it on Steam Greenlight.


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