Counter-Strike Broadcast Cancelled Due To Munich Shooting
(Last Updated On: July 29, 2016)

The media have recently put a lot of the blame of the shooting in Munich, Germany – that saw Ali David Sonboly kill nine people – on video games. The game of choice to take the blame is Valve’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In fact, it’s endured so much of the blame for the Munich shooting that a television network in Germany decided to cancel showing an e-sports broadcast of Counter-Strike. is reporting that German network ProSieben MAXX issued a press statement about the cancellation of the e-sports event, and it was picked up by CS:GO gaming site 99damage, where the press statement mentions…

“[…] due to the events in recent days, it was decided at ProSiebenSat.1 for the time being to no longer show eSports games like “CS: GO”. Thus there will be no ELEAGUE broadcast today and the last ELEAGUE broadcast is done.”

They mention that it’s still possible to view the live-streams through Twitch but you won’t be able to view them on television due to the media barrage blaming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for the shootings in Munich.

According to an article by Ian Miles Cheong at Heat Street, it was mentioned that major news outlets like CNN, CNBC, BBC and the Telegraph all mentioned the role Counter-Strike played in the shootings, thus reigniting the debate about the role violent video games play in mass murders, something that was a hot topic back during the 1990s when DOOM was blamed for the Columbine High massacre.

The link between Counter-Strike and the shooting was instigated by Germany’s president of the state crime office, Robert Heimberger, who stated “[Counter-Strike is] a game played by nearly every known rampage killer.”

Due to the media’s constant attacks against video games (both mainstream and enthusiast) it’s not surprising that it’s beginning to have detrimental effects on the growth of the gaming industry and is now starting to have tangible effects on the marketable reach of games through outlets outside of the internet.

Other countries are also picking up on the media’s narrative about games causing people to turn into sexist misogynists, prompting countries like France, Britain and Switzerland to pursue sexism labels on gamesk, as well as funding cuts for games that don’t pass the sexism test.

It remains to be seen if additional actions will be taken against games based on media fear-mongering regarding violence in interactive entertainment.

(Main image courtesy of dothejob)

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  • Mo YaLeer

    I have lots of CS:GO skins. It’s not as crazy of a concept as you might think.
    Yea, some really cost a few cents depending on what you want,i brought cheaper skins at!Why dont you have a try?

  • Michael P

    Remember when there were no video games and it was movies, TV and music that was to blame? Before that it was books and wayyyy before that, for those of us old enough to remember (around the 13th century AD for all you youngins) was a time of peace and prosperity. There was no violence to speak of, NONE! Look it up and prove me wrong.

    We rode unicorns to catch wild cotton candy chickens, every village had it’s own ferris wheel and a gay time was had by all……God I miss those days. T_T

  • Alistair

    It’s time for devil avacate, Lets protect ourselves from these murderer fucks.

    1. Banned all media that depict violence.

    2. Dont go out alone travel in groups.

    3. Dont stay in 1 place for long.

    4. Watch light entertainment excluding video games, violent films and Porn.

    Well you get the idea and what does this tells you that people become
    paranoid when shit happens blaming everything under the sun.

    The above wont even happen because history tells us they dont need any help from any media because there was none at the time. If some-one gonna commit a crime they will just go out and do it. Not on whim after a violent movie or game.

    Plus other factors at play here.

  • Alistair

    Germany wasnt the only one a BBC reporter commented about being mental disturb & mention moives and video games they alway latch on to things, when people sadly lost their lives.

    What is disgusting do you agree the use of the sad deaths of hate a angenda pushing one at best.

    As study after study from a long line shows no positive proof that violent video games link to violence.

    I let history speak for itself.

  • Hawk Hopper

    This isn’t the first time Germany has had to face the terror of video games. The Soviets who invaded Germany and killed thousands upon thousands of Germans and raped the Germans all used Russian servers to play Counter Strike.

  • snooze321

    Well they couldn’t say “he did this because he came from a culture and religion that glorifies murdering non-believers”.

    And they needed to come up with something to point their finger at. Maintaining radio silence after an attack really isn’t good for any politician.

  • giygas

    It’s Germany. Were they expecting German figures to not be pants-on-head retarded?

  • C G Saturation

    Shooter wants to shoot people -> plays shooting game, watches shooting movies -> not enough, shoots real people -> assholes notice he played shooting games and watched shooting movies -> clearly the shooting game is the sole root cause of all evil in the entire galaxy -> everyone bans only shooting games.

    And people tell me I’m arrogant for being sad that there are so many stupid people out there.

    • Alistair

      14. And history repeats (start from 1. Again).

    • durka durka

      Germans make guns and tanks for crying out loud. Yet cs is the problem.