Everspace Trailer Trades Resources, Showcases Gorgeous Environments
(Last Updated On: July 30, 2016)

Rockfish Games has a beautiful new trailer up for their space sim Everspace. The trailer covers the game’s combat, some of the various solar systems players will visit, as well as the trading and upgrade system.

Graphically, Everspace is easily one of the best looking games set to release this generation, running clean and pristine on the Unreal Engine 4. The trailer props up the game’s beta phase, promising exclusive access to those willing to take the dive. You can see the trailer below.

The gameplay trailer covers quite a bit within a short amount of time. For one, we get to see how you can collect and trade resources and stock up on supplies by docking at various trading stations. The game doesn’t let you get out of your ship, but you can do a quick flyby and land at a station, sell (or buy) some stuff and then take off and head back out to the vast, empty playgrounds of unexplored galactic space.

Actually… the playgrounds aren’t entirely empty. We get to see some really uniquely designed environments for Everspace where players travel through asteroid belts, clusters of debris, as well as trading routes with plenty of capital ships, carrier stations and other port hubs to explore.

All of the questing and exploration takes place between some interesting dogfights. We get see a plethora of different forms of devastation in effect, from lasers and missiles to shields and energy weapons. There’s a lot to take away from that two and a half minute trailer above.

The beta is currently available for purchase through a number of different selections over on the official website. If you’re interested you can head over there and take a look, otherwise you can keep an eye on the game and wait for the full version to launch before dropping a dime on it.

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