Evolve Stage 2 Is Free On Steam
(Last Updated On: July 7, 2016)

Turtlerock Studios and 2K Games announced that Evolve Stage 2 is currently available on Steam to play right now… for free.

Blues covered some of the teasers that 2K let loose leading up to the game’s re-release, but today the developers and the publisher pumped out the shooter as a completely revised, revamped and reinvigorated experience.

They pumped out a new trailer for Evolve Stage 2, featuring the new content and upgrades, but to be completely honest it still looks a heck of a lot like what I suppose would be called “Stage 1” of Evolve.

You can check out the trailer for yourself as it covers the all new skills, redesigned maps and the rebalanced monsters.

My biggest gripe with the first game was that it was just too sterile. It was a homogenized experience made so no one felt like a loser. In reality it should have been a cold, hard, unforgiving game about survival. The asymmetrical multiplayer was done a heck of a lot better in Dying Light, and the deathmatch respawning and “everyone is made equal and useful” dynamic stripped away any sort of urgency or thrill from the title.

What would have been cool is if players choose their template but then got to pick from a pool of skills to give to their hunter. This way teamwork wouldn’t be forced on players, it would be learned and mastered. You also wouldn’t end up in the situation where everyone is locked into playing as a specific class for a round.

I think the limitations on the execution of the concept, mixed with the obnoxious DLC program, and coupled with the lack of a proper campaign mode just made Evolve look forgettable.

Evolve Stage 2

In fact, Evolve and Dying Light almost had identical fates to Battleborn and Overwatch.

Some shills posing as game journalists are still trying to push the sexism agenda with Battleborn – that it’s a game that does female character right – but agendas can’t save a game if it doesn’t have fun gameplay.

For Evolve Stage 2 they hope that the new skills, the larger maps, the rebalanced monsters and the overhauled gameplay might help revitalize appeal in the title. Well, we’ll see if it works. You can grab a copy of Evolve Stage 2 right now, for free, by paying a visit to the Steam store page.

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  • giygas

    You have to grind to unlock perks and you get none to start with, effectively putting newcomers at a power disadvantage. I probably won’t be playing this game long.

  • Wisdomcube2000

    As one of the idiots..errr I mean early adopters of this game, I hope they do this on consoles too. Still have the game installed, but haven’t played in ages. Would be nice to have an excuse to give it another go.

  • Sevuz

    I think the biggest problem was that the Monster player could just keep running around a level up to MAX and then kill the team in no time. Unless they have fixed that problem I don’t see this helping at all

    • There was a lot of spammy problems in that game. I just think they went about it all wrong, using a sort of Team Fortress/CoD style approach when it should have been more horror oriented.

      Dying Light’s asymmetrical multiplayer worked because it was basically the single-player mode but just another player in control of the night freak. In Evolve, they tried so hard to balance it like a team deathmatch game when in reality they should have balanced it to play like the movie Predator.

      Monster players should have been able to eat and evolve, but the hunter’s gear should have been procedurally destructive. Constantly shooting the wings of the flying creatures should have inhibited their mobility. Constantly shooting the legs of the big creatures should have slowed them down. Shooting out their eyes should have hampered their eyesight. Shooting their hands or arms should have dampened their strength.

      Likewise, there shouldn’t have been respawn for hunters. It should have just been kill or be killed per match. The problem was that the whole thing was just spammy. And whoever spammed the fastest and the hardest (on either side) usually won.

      • lucben999

        FUND IT