Fallout Shelter PC Download Available Through Bethesda Launcher

Fallout Shelter was a breakout hit on mobile devices last year. It was a complete surprise when game director Todd Howard announced that gamers would be able to download the game right then and there during E3 for their mobile phones. Well, Bethesda has now extended that courtesy to the PC platform.

Blues picked up a tweet from Bethesda that indicates that the PC version of Fallout Shelter can be acquired for free… but only through the new Bethesda Launcher. Yes, a new launcher just like Ubisoft’s Uplay or EA’s Origin or Nexon’s launcher (although, to be fair MMO publishers were using launchers well before Steam was popular).

Some gamers were a bit peeved that they would have to download download yet another separate launcher to get their hands on Fallout Shelter. Plenty of them were also complaining about wanting a Steam version, which seemed like it should have been the first platform for Fallout Shelter to arrive on when launching on PC, but Bethesda must have big plans for the future of their own launcher, so they’re giving it a test run with the life management sim.

They also released a trailer to help entice PC gamers to take the dive and try the launcher.

It’s impressive that they managed to squeeze in proper gameplay, some of the new features and items, a plug for the combat and even a bit of sexy-time within the span of 30 seconds. I wonder what else they can squeeze into 30 seconds?

You can download Fallout Shelter right now, for free, after you grab the 7mb Bethesda.net launcher.

Oh yeah, and the Fallout 4 mods for PS4 still haven’t arrived yet. So maybe you can get in some time with Fallout Shelter while you wait.


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