For Honor: Blocking And Attacking Gameplay Explained

For gamers interested in understanding how the combat works in For Honor there’s a breakdown of the blocking, attacking, dodging and parrying. The game has a strong focus on technical, layered combat to give gamers a lot of different variance and options when engaging opponents.

The basic combat uses the right bumper or right trigger to attack foes without having to lock onto them. Very much like Dynasty Warriors it’s possible to blast through small waves or enemies rapidly tapping R1 or R2. The fighting is similar to the Assassin’s Creed series when you begin a string-combo and start racking up consecutive kills with the proper button presses. Each faction has a set of characters you can choose to pick from with their own loadout, and each class has their own abilities.

As demonstrated in the video below from die young, the Warden has a shoulder charge that can be used to disrupt an opponent’s defenses, opening them up for some pure hacking and slashing.

You hold down the right trigger and use the right analog to utilize direction defenses. The idea is to match the stance of your opponent to block or deflect incoming attacks. You have three different directions in which to aim your defenses, and that’s left, right and up.

If an opponent is using an upward attack – in which case the indicator near their character will say so – you’ll want to hold down the right trigger and press up on the right analog stick to defend against their attack.

You can use dodge attacks to quickly move around your opponent with a snappy shuffle of the feet. You can even combine defensive or counter moves together, such as dodging and then using the shoulder tackle to lower the defenses of an opponent.

Additionally, there’s guard-cancel moves, where you can feign a strong attack and then perform a quick attack or a block instead to fake out an opponent and then lunge in with something they aren’t prepared for.

For Honor

The offensive attacks work in the same manner as the defensive attacks, except you hold down the right trigger to launch attacks against an opponent. The idea, however, is to make sure you aren’t matching their stance, otherwise they’ll deflect or block your attack. So it’s literally like playing a game of rock, paper, scissors.

It’s pretty cool insofar that you can’t attack and block at the same time, so you’ll have to time when to block and how to counter. This gets doubly hard when fighting multiple opponents. It’s totally possible to evade, block, counter and strike down multiple foes, but it will require some serious skill. I’m totally up for that.

For Honor

Feats is another feature in the game that works as a consumable. They can be accessed from the left or right digital pad. You can assign some Feats to one of the four D-pad buttons for easy access during combat, such as instant-heals.

Additionally, there are specialty attacks that can be initiated against foes, such as the drop attacks. If you’re positioned up high you can drop down and do massive damage on an opponent from up above, rendering them nearly incapacitated from a single blow.

For Honor is currently in development and is scheduled to release February 14th, 2017 for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.


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